Emmy winner Sydney Sweeney stars in upcoming drama Reality, inspired by the true story of former intelligence contractor Reality Winner, who was arrested in 2017 after she leaked a classified report about Russian interference in US elections to the press.


The film has garnered plenty of acclaim following its debut at the Berlin Film Festival, with critics praising both Sweeney's performance as Winner, and Tina Satter's directing. The projects marks Satter's directorial debut and is adapted from her 2019 stage play Is This a Room.

Ahead of its release in UK cinemas in June, a clip exclusive to RadioTimes.com teases the tense moment when FBI agents show up at Winner's home in Georgia. A cryptic conversation ensues, and it's clear Winner's life is about to unravel.

Josh Hamilton and Marchant Davis in Reality
Josh Hamilton and Marchant Davis star in Reality.

The script is based on the real transcript of an audio recording of Winner's arrest and subsequent questioning by the FBI.

Josh Hamilton and Marchánt Davis play Garrick and Taylor, the FBI agents who can be seen in the clip above asking Winner to restrain her dog before they can enter her home and search her car.

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Speaking to Variety, Sweeney said of the character: “I was drawn by how complex she was. There are so many contradicting layers of who she is, what it means to be a woman. And I feel that we were able to take a moment and truly humanise it, and not put any type of lens on it.

"It was just a real moment in time. It’s everything from the transcript. Nothing has changed. And I love that.”

Winner, the first whistle-blower in the Trump era, was sentenced to five years in prison, the longest ever imposed sentence in federal court for an unauthorised release of government information to the media.

Reality will be released in UK cinemas on Friday 2nd June 2023. Visit our Film hub for the latest news and features, or find something to watch tonight with our TV Guide and Streaming Guide.


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