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Star Wars fans aren’t happy about the Han Solo movie’s newly-revealed title

They never thought Ron Howard would stoop Solo

Published: Wednesday, 18th October 2017 at 9:17 am

After months of shooting, huge amounts of speculation and even a change in directors, the previously-untitled Star Wars Han Solo spin-off finally has a title – and it’s exactly what everybody expected.


In a special video message, the film’s director Ron Howard (replacing Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who left the project a few months ago) disclosed that the upcoming Alden Ehrenreich-starring anthology movie would be called Solo: A Star Wars story.

It’s fair to say that certain fans weren’t too happy about the underwhelming reveal (or that there was such an unnecessary build-up for it in the first place).

And some even began to come up with other, better (or at least different) titles they hoped the film would adopt going forward.

Of course, it’s likely that the whole #UntitledHanSoloMovie thing was a bit of an in-joke on set that got out of hand, so we shouldn’t be too hard on them.

And given that this was the title we were all expecting, can we REALLY give them too much of a hard time for giving us exactly what we wanted?


Solo: A Star Wars story will be released in May 2018


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