When the cast for Barbie was first announced it seemed to feature every major star you could think of, but fans going into the movie were surprised to learn it actually featured a whole host of surprise cameos on top of the known cast list.


One of these was Rob Brydon, who made a blink-and-you-'ll-miss-it appearance as Sugar Daddy Ken, alongside Tom Stourton as Earring Magic Ken.

Speaking with The Times, Brydon explained how the cameo came about, saying: "You never know who’s watching, do you? Margot loved Gavin & Stacey and a few years ago a friend of hers asked me to record a video message for her as Bryn. To be honest I’d forgotten all about it, and then I get the call for Barbie, and the response to it has been extraordinary."

However, it seems that fans were almost treated to another scene with Sugar Daddy Ken, with Brydon explaining that he recorded "two scenes in one day".

Rob Brydon with the rest of the cast of Barbie
Rob Brydon with the rest of the cast of Barbie Jed Cullen/Dave Benett/WireImage

He continued: "They used only one, which itself was edited. All in all it was shorter than one might have hoped for. On the other hand there was a lot of British talent, some of whom were on set for nine months, and their appearances didn’t make the same impact as my one day of work."

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Exactly what happened in that other scene remains under wraps - perhaps it will be released as a deleted scene?

Some of the other British stars to appear in the movie include Sex Education's Emma Mackey and Ncuti Gatwa, the latter in one of his last roles before starring as The Doctor in Doctor Who.

Dua Lipa, Sharon Rooney, Dua Lipa, Lucy Boynton, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Connor Swindells, Jamie Demetriou and Emerald Fennell all also have on-screen roles in the film, while Helen Mirren acts as the narrator and, unexpectedly, even Love Island's Chris Taylor makes an appearance.

There were also at one point meant to be further cameos in the film, with Timothée Chalamet and Saoirse Ronan appearing - however, their schedules didn't line up.

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