Ricky Gervais to release a David Brent single ahead of Life on the Road movie

Ricky Gervais is aiming to hit the charts as well as the box office when The Office film follow-up Life on the Road is released


David Brent is aiming to take the charts by storm ahead of new movie Life on the Road.


Ricky Gervais’s film follow-up to The Office will feature everybody’s “favourite” boss travelling up and down the country trying to realise his dreams of music fame – so it’s only right that there’s a musical release to go with it.

Gervais revealed on Twitter that Brent would be releasing a single in July, a month ahead of the movie release on 19th August.

The movie soundtrack is also set to be released, but Gervais’s announcement means that Brent could be a chart topper even before Life on the Road comes out.

As Gervais himself explained, the movie itself will see him “still wasting all his hard-earned money on trying to become a rock star,” so he’s clearly managed to cobble together enough to release a record.


“He works for the Slough-based company Lavichem’, distributing cleaning products up and down the country,” Gervais added. “But he wants to leave all that behind and get an album deal. He’s taken all his holiday leave, cashed in a pension, and put together a group of top session musicians, (Foregone Conclusion, Mark II). Now he’s off on a live tour with the aim of getting a record company to sign him.”