Leonardo DiCaprio to produce post-apocalyptic climate change movie

The film will be adapted from Kayla Olson's The Sandcastle Empire, a novel set in 2049 when planet Earth is at breaking point


Leonardo DiCaprio has long been outspoken about climate change, saying at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last weekend that filming The Revenant in extreme weather conditions showed him first-hand how grave the situation is.


Now the actor is going to produce a film set in a 2049 when Earth is in a dire state due to climate change, coastal flooding and overpopulation, writes The Hollywood Reporter.

Adapted from a young adult novel by Kayla Olson, Sandcastle Empire is about a young woman named Eden who escapes a labour camp run by radical rulers The Wolfpack.


There are no casting details yet, but we can imagine quite a few rising stars will be clamouring to play the lead…