Judi Dench got a tattoo for her 81st birthday

Because you're never too old to seize the day


Judi Dench has long been the type of 81-year-old we hope we grow up to be. Not only is she a national treasure, she’s immensely talented, tireless and stylish with a wicked sense of humour. And she also has zero interest in acting like a typical grandma.


The James Bond actress proved as much recently, by getting her first tattoo for her 81st birthday. She had the words “carpe diem” written on her wrist at her daughter Finty’s request.

“That’s my motto: Seize the day. Finty gave it to me for my 81st birthday – she’s wonderful with surprises,” Dench told Surrey Life.

“Mind you, the company of A Winter’s Tale, which I was doing at the time, used to say that it said fish of the day,” she added.


Here’s the evidence of Dench’s first inking, which was on display when she shook the Earl of Wessex’s hand at a gala evening earlier this month…