Is the Han Solo Star Wars film getting a radically different title in China?

Could the next Star Wars film drop the Star Wars?

han solo movie

The next Star Wars film could be undergoing a major title change for its release in China – by dropping the Star Wars.


According to Chinese film market analyst Gavin Feng, reporting on a story from movie website Mtime, anthology film Solo: A Star Wars Story will become Ranger Solo, thanks to the waning popularity of Star Wars in China.

The return of the franchise to cinemas saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens take $124 million at the Chinese box office but follow-ups Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – the first anthology film – and Star Wars: The Last Jedi earned just $69 million and $41 million respectively.


According to Feng, that means the film will be promoted with the Chinese characters 游侠索罗, which translate as Ranger Solo, but will drop 星球大战, which read as Star Wars.