Watch Lady and the Tramp recreate iconic spaghetti scene

The second trailer for Disney's live-action remake features the iconic candlelit spaghetti scene...

Lady and the Tramp Disney+ live action

There’s a brand new trailer for the Disney live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp — and while there are some changes from the original film, fans will still get the chance to watch the two loveable canines share a candlelit plate of spaghetti.


Street-smart mutt, Tramp (voiced by Justin Theroux) explains how his life is spent constantly on the run and stealing burgers for a living (although he does end up sharing it with two adorable puppies). Over on the other side of the tracks, spoilt cocker-spaniel Lady (voiced by Tessa Thompson) is the centre of her owners’ universe — that is, until a baby comes along, and Tramp convinces her that she’ll be out in the cold before long.

The pair of pooches head off on an adventure, including a riverboat cruise, before heading round the back of a familiar-looking Italian restaurant, where the pair share a plate of spaghetti and Tramp nudges the last meatball towards Lady with his nose — a move straight out of the original 1995 animated classic, where the dogs share a meal as ‘Bella Notte’ plays.

All that’s needed now is a shot of the canine couple sharing the same strand of spaghetti…

Unlike the recent Lion King remake, the filmmakers used actual rescue dogs instead of CGI animals (we wonder how many takes it took for Tramp’s perfect meatball-moment…), before later adding visual effects to make the animals speak.

The film will be available to stream on Disney+ on November 12th, the same day that Disney’s new streaming service launches (although the entertainment giant has yet to confirm when the service will be available to UK viewers).


You can watch the new trailer below: