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How to draw Elsa from Frozen 2 with Walt Disney Animation

Learn how to draw your favourite Disney princess with Disney animator Wayne Unten

How to draw Elsa

Do you wanna learn to draw Elsa? Well, Disney Animation Studios has an easy step-by-step guide showing you how to draw the Frozen queen.


With Frozen 2 now on Disney+ UK it’s the perfect time to watch the studio animators share their top tips and tricks to sketching your favourite characters.

Just watch the video below and follow the expert steps – all you need is a pencil (and a rubber!).

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How to draw Elsa from Frozen

Get your pencil and paper ready and click play for your step-by-step guide to drawing Elsa with Wayne Unten who started at the studio in 2005 – animation supervisor for Elsa.

How to draw Elsa from Frozen: step-by-step guide

If you need a quick overview we’ve broken down the steps below with a few time stamps if you need them.

  1. Start with a circle and draw a horizontal line with another below – this gives you your outline
  2. Put a line, not in the centre, but slightly left vertically (this is your centre line)
  3. Now we add her eyes – add them between the lines you drew. She has almond shaped eyes!
  4. Draw her eyebrows on your top line
  5. Add her nose in – it’s like a diamond. Draw it in about an eye height below the bottom horizontal line
  6. Add her mouth lined up with the centre line under her nose – use a V shape
  7. Draw in Elsa’s eyelashes – it’s like a plane that sits on top of the eye
  8. Draw in her bottom lids, think of her as smiling!
  9. Draw in her pupil and iris – Wayne shows this 10 minutes in
  10. Follow your guidelines to draw in the bottom and top lip
  11. Add a cheek line (16:32)
  12. Now draw her jaw line (17:40)
  13. Add her ears (18) and hair (18:35)
  14. Draw her braid (20)

All done! Now you can give Elsa a change of outfit – whether that’s the Let it Go icy dress or her new Frozen 2 Enchanted Wood costume. Who knows she may have another outfit soon, as Frozen 3 isn’t off the table…

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