Disney animators are passing on their top tips and skills so you can have a go at drawing the characters at home.


The online tutorials are free and walk you through the main steps so you can bring Disney characters to life.

The #drawwithdisneyanimation series include Mickey Mouse - the original and contemporary, and a 'pie-eyed' version from the TV series in 2013.

The tutorials also include Buzz Lightyear, Winnie the Pooh, Tinkerbell, and Frozen's Olaf.

There's a whole playlist of Disney drawing animations for you to try.

How to draw Mickey Mouse

Why not start with Mickey Mouse? You have a few to pick from; there's the classic Mickey, contemporary Mickey, and TV Mickey.

How to draw Olaf

If you've got Mickey under your belt, then why not try something else? There are a few Frozen characters to choose from like Olaf, Anna, and Elsa.

How to draw Timon

To mark the release of the new Lion King the animators also went back to basics and drew old school Timon. Why not give him a go?

How to draw Stitch

Stitch is great fun to draw too. You can start with the basic face shape and then work up to more mischievous poses.

Not seen your favourite character? Well, there's more. The Animation Academy which is part of the Disney Park experience is behind the cool tutorials and has plenty to pick from. While everyone is home they're a nice activity for kids, big and small.

If you have a go share your attempt with the hashtag #drawwithdisneyanimation.

Eric Goldberg, the animator, and director, also took to YouTube for a class on how to draw Baloo from The Jungle Book.


Why not get stuck in and share your efforts online? You only need the bare necessities - pencils and a piece of paper. No special equipment needed. Though, if you are short, you can get a sketchbook pad or a set of assorted colouring pencils.