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All the Easter eggs in Frozen 2 plus the hidden callbacks you might have missed

As the Frozen sequel makes its way to Disney+ and Sky Cinema, we highlight a few key details you might want to look out for.

Published: Friday, 3rd July 2020 at 4:00 am

Good news, Disney fans (and parents of small children) – smash-hit sequel Frozen 2 is coming to On Demand sooner than expected, with the Disney animation blockbuster set to arrive on Disney+ and Sky Cinema Premiere and Now TV from the 3rd July.


Clearly, it’s time to gear up for a big rewatch – but before you do, we’ve collected together a few hidden details, Easter Eggs and callbacks that we spotted in the film, sneakily squirrelled away by the production team among the action, songs and Olaf shenanigans.

You’d have to have the eyes of a hawk to spot all these Easter Eggs the first time round, so why not go in prepared for round two? Check out our full list of hidden jokes, references and more in Frozen 2 below.

Elsa makes Disney figures

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 15.25.13

Look closely during the early flashback scenes of the film, and you might spot a few familiar Disney creations among the snow dolls Elsa creates for her and Anna to play with.

We spotted Dumbo, Baymax from Big Hero 6, Snow White and her Prince alongside canine hero Bolt – but can you see any others? Clearly, Elsa’s been making good use of her Disney+ account…

Prince Charming/Art Director

The Frozen 2 team also confirmed another sneaky Easter egg in the scene. Director Chris Buck told "Anna picks up two figures and it’s Prince Charming and a princess. The prince charming is based on art director Michael Giaimo."

That isn't the only place he pops up...

Hidden (wooden) figures

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 15.33.06

Another hidden behind-the-scenes detail here. Spot those two small wooden figures in the background? Director Chris Buck told in our live Frozen 2 Q&A that they’re closely modelled on production designer Michael Giaimo and art director of environments David Womersley, giving some behind-the-scenes talent a showcase in the finished movie.

David Womersley and Michael Giaimo (Getty)
David Womersley and Michael Giaimo (Getty)

Though this does have us thinking, how many of the production staff are really hidden around other animated movies that we’ve never noticed…

Olaf’s blanket

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 15.25.26

Of course, Frozen is chock-full of callbacks to the original Frozen – it is a sequel, after all – but some are more subtle than others.

During Olaf’s (Josh Gad) song Some Things Never Change, fans may recognise the chequered picnic blanket Olaf and Anna are sitting on from its appearance in another Olaf number from Frozen (In Summer, title fans), when the oblivious snowman was desperately hoping for warm summer days.

The lullaby is on a significant night

EPIC STORY – In Walt Disney Animation Studios’ “Frozen 2,” Queen Iduna (voice of Evan Rachel Wood) and King Agnarr (voice of Alfred Molina) share an epic story with Young Anna (voice of Hadley Gannaway) and Young Elsa (voice Mattea Conforti) about an enchanted forest and the potential danger that lingers. “Frozen 2” opens in U.S. theaters on Nov. 22, 2019. © 2019 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

When we see the sisters being sung the lullaby All Is Found by their mother you may have noticed they're both wearing the same clothes as they did in the first movie as kids.

Anna whispers to Elsa to play with snow later meaning this is the night in the first movie - so after this scene, the opening scene for the first movie happens.

Mickey Mouse


Later, Olaf also explicitly references parent company Disney during a game of charades, when he shape-shifts into corporate mascot (and beloved cartoon character) Mickey Mouse as one of his clues. Personally, we preferred his take on Elsa…

Olaf charades

Olaf also changes into a teapot and cup - from Beauty and the Beast. Of course, Josh Gad also played LeFou in the live action Beauty and the Beast movie.

A Hidden Mickey

Frozen 2 – hidden Mickey

Disney is known for sneaking so-called “Hidden Mickeys” into its products – in other words, a subtle hint of the three-circled Mickey Mouse logo used in branding – and Frozen is no exception when it comes to this trend.

Watch closely when Elsa sings Into the Unknown – as she spins and leaves an ice circle in her wake, two circles briefly appear on top of the circle, forming the well-known shape. Mickey hides no more!

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid, Getty
The Little Mermaid, Getty

While Frozen 2 sadly cancelled one fan theory about a direct connection to the Little Mermaid (no, the shipwreck in that movie wasn’t carrying Anna and Elsa’s parents), it also gave a little nod to the other famous Disney work.

In one of Elsa’s icy flashbacks, her father the King is seen enjoying a book by “a new Danish author” – and if you look closely, it’s Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid.


But there’s also a deeper connection here, as one of Hans Christian Anderson’s other well-known works, the Snow Queen, was the inspiration for the original Frozen. Apparently, Disney even took some inspiration from the author for the characters’ names in the first film – Hans, Kristoff, Anna and Sven.

God knows what Anna and Elsa thought when they picked up their dad's other book…

Marshmallow and the snow babies

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 15.25.44

The reappearance of Elsa’s other snowman creation isn’t exactly an Easter Egg – you’d be hard pressed to forget his presence in the first film – but when he does turn up with his smaller cousins (created in short film Frozen Fever) in Frozen 2’s post-credits scene, there’s one subtle detail you might not have noticed.

Atop his head, there’s a tiny crown – and fans may recognise that as the crown Elsa discarded in the first Frozen, which we previously saw Marshmallow picking up in that film’s post-credits scene. Got to love that Disney continuity!

Anna as Elsa

World Premiere Of Disney's "Frozen 2"

Speaking of young Elsa, the voice actor bringing the child version of Idina Menzel’s character to life – Mattea Conforti – is a bit of an Easter Egg too.

Previously, Conforti played the young version of Anna in the smash-hit Broadway musical of Frozen, giving her a fairly unique crossover status between the stage and screen versions of the story.

Frozen 2 comes to Disney+, Sky Premiere and NOW TV from Friday 3rd July – you can sign up to Disney+ for £59.99 a year and £5.99 a month.

You can also sign up for a monthly Sky Cinema pass on NOW TV for £11.99 a month – with a seven day free trial also available if you want to try it out first.


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