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A week in the life of Simon Pegg... according to Twitter

Vegas, celeb photo ops and a room with a view of elephants

Published: Tuesday, 5th August 2014 at 3:45 pm

Ever wondered what actor Simon Pegg gets up to in seven days? Of course you have. You probably lie awake at night wondering what on earth he's doing.


Luckily, there's the medium of Twitter through which Pegg can share all of his daily goings on and general, er, Peggness. No? No, probably not a thing that'll catch on.

Anyway, Pegg seems like he's been a busy boy of late, so we looked back over the past seven days to see what has been filling his time...

Singing about Bagpuss seems as good a way as any to start a day

As is eating. We don't know what he had for breakfast

But we darn well known what he had for lunch the next day

We hope this is Pegg putting himself on the map for The Expendables 4...

Pegg wants us all to think a little bit more seriously about tweeting about Sharknados. Wise words. Wise words.

By Thursday the celeb selfies have kicked into gear

Slight pause for necessary beverage-sat-beside-fake-dog picture

And then, well, what's a Friday without a trip to Vegas?

Hint: Best not to goof around with the staff

On second thoughts, ask them what to do. There's got to be something better to do than this?

By Saturday a few technical issues were being solved

And celeb photo op two welcomes Red from Orange Is The New Black #bravo

There was some Sunday jigging

Then off to Berlin, where we're introduced to #roswatch, where we also get to see what Pegg's Hector and the Search for Happiness co-star Rosamund Pike is up to. Which here, is, well, not a whole lot. In fact, it could be anyone.

Of course next up it's the classic 'my room overlooks a zoo and the elephants' tweet

Straight back to #roswatch

And then onto some lunch


We're exhausted just reading about it...


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