If you’re feeling a bit blindsided by the fact it's 2024 already, you’re not the only one. But here we are in the middle of another sporting season; the Premier League in full swing, the Wimbledon ballot has once again closed, and the toughest game of all is only getting tougher.


As of October, the English rugby season restarted with the Gallagher Premiership. 10 teams battling it out across the country in a series of mad 80 minute scraps in which everything is put on the line.

The last few years of this league have been incredible to watch, with shocking injuries, intense physicality and last-minute drop goals all having an impact on the score.

The reigning champions going into this season is Saracens, who cinched their sixth Premiership title over Sale Sharks in June. But can they do it again or will former winners Leicester Tigers or Exeter Chiefs be back to claim the crown?

Plus, on the women’s side we’ve had the return of Allianz Premiership Women’s Rugby, with Gloucester Hartpury looking to keep their victory from last year. But with two new teams in the mix, the competition is heating up (unlike the weather).

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Right now, it’s all to play for and luckily for you, the RadioTimes.com is here to tell you how you can be right in the thick of it. In this guide we’ve got everything you need to know about how to get rugby tickets this season. This includes how to get tickets for all clubs on both the men’s and women’s sides and a list of upcoming fixtures at domestic and international level. Plus, we can tell you about prices, season tickets and more.

Just try to keep up!

Remember you can still buy last-minute Rugby World Cup tickets and early Six Nations tickets.

And you can watch this year's Gallagher Premiership on TNT Sports (formerly BT Sport), so check out the best BT Sport offers for this month.

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When does the Gallagher Premiership season start?

Leicester v Saracens Premiership final
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The Gallagher Premiership season got underway on Friday, 13th October.

The season stretches across 18 rounds (only eight left to go!), with each of the 10 clubs playing both home and away, and will finish up on 18th May. After that, it’s onto the semi finals and final which, believe it or not, you can already buy tickets for!

The grand final will take place at Twickenham on 8th June 2024.

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What clubs are now in the Gallagher Premiership 2023/4?

As most fans know, the 2022/23 season was a tough one for English rugby, with three historic clubs shutting down due to financial difficulties. What was a 13 team League now sits at just 10 since the closure of Wasps RFC, Worcester Warriors and London Irish, these teams are:

How to get Premiership Rugby tickets for 2023/4 season

Luckily for you (and our writers) almost all club rugby tickets can be found in the same place. If you’re buying tickets for Saracens, Bath, Gloucester, Harlequins, Sale, Newcastle or Northampton, then you can either go to their respective ticketing sites or, more simply, go to the Gallagher Premiership hub page on Ticketmaster.

If, however, you’re a fan of Chiefs, Tigers or Bears (oh my!), you’ll have to go to their individual ticketing pages.

Buy Gallagher Premiership rugby tickets at Ticketmaster

How to get rugby season tickets

Once again, seven of the 10 clubs have their season tickets on the Gallagher Premiership Ticketmaster page and the rest can be found on their own ticketing sites.

Rugby season tickets guarantee you a number of perks such as special access sales and merchandise, as well as tickets to all home matches across the new season. But remember, this time around you’re paying for only nine matches instead of 12, so have a think about whether the price is actually worth it.

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How much do Premiership rugby tickets cost?

It won’t surprise you to learn that ticket prices vary from club to club, and also depend massively on where you sit in the stadium. If, for instance, you’re sitting behind one of the posts, you’re likely to be paying between £10 and £17.

If, however, you want to sit in a main stand and nearer the halfway line, prices range from £70 to £91.

For season tickets it’s very similar. If you want a whole season of sitting at one of end of the pitch, it could cost you somewhere in the region of £115 - £120, but for the best seats in the house, you’re looking at paying upwards of £1,000. But again, remember, the price of a season ticket now includes less matches than before, so pick the price that’s right for you.

What is Allianz Premiership Women’s Rugby?

Allianz Premiership Women’s Rugby (Allianz PWR) is the primary women’s rugby league in England. The league was previously known as the Allianz Premier 15s, but recently underwent a rebranding which saw a whole new structure introduced and two new teams added to the mix.

Now a ten-team competition, the league runs from 18th November 2023 to 1st June 2024 with the following clubs taking part:

How to get Allianz Premiership Women’s Rugby tickets for 2023/4 season

The majority of women’s rugby fixtures are also listed on Ticketmaster, although you may have to dig a little bit more to find them. To help out, we’ve linked to each of the club’s ticketing pages above and you’ll find a list of women’s fixtures below.

If you haven’t been to a women’s rugby match yet we would really recommend as, from personal experience, the atmosphere is incredible and all tickets cost just £10 – so you’re getting premium rugby for far less.

Best Rugby Union fixtures for January 2024

Henry Arundell celebrates scoring a try for England
Rugby World Cup 2023 teams left Getty Images

If you’re not one to pop down to your local rugby club every single week and instead prefer to only attend the internationals or flagship matches, that’s all fine by us. To help you keep up to date with the biggest and best clashes coming up in the world of rugby, we’ve made a list below.

These include our top choices for domestic and international rugby matches, as well as where to buy tickets. We’ll be updating this as often as possible so watch this space for more exciting releases.

Gallagher Premiership fixtures:

  • Saracens vs Harlequins | 23rd Mar 2024
  • Bath Rugby vs Sale Sharks | 23rd Mar 2024
  • Northampton Saints vs Saracens | 3oth Mar 2024
  • Sale Sharks vs Harlequins | 20th Apr 2024
  • Leicester Tigers vs Bristol | 27th Apr 2024

Allianz PWR fixtures:

  • Bristol Bear Women vs Exeter Chiefs Women | 3rd Feb 2024
  • Saracens Women vs Harlequins Women | 10th Feb 2024
  • Gloucester-Hartpury vs Exeter Chiefs Women| 11th Feb 2024

International rugby union fixtures:


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