Pablo Larraín (2019)

15 Certificate


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A hellraising, booty-shaking and emotionally pulverisingdrama,Ema is the latest showstopper from Chilean director Pablo Larraín. Taking fear of female empowerment as its starting point, the story begins with the titular dancer (the entrancing Mariana Di Girolamo) having handed back her adopted son, to the horror of those around her. AsEmaand her older choreographer husband (regular Larrain collaborator Gael García Bernal) lambast each other with astonishing ferocity andEmavisibly struggles withherguilt, the film seems steeped in sadism and bitter regret. YetEmais a woman of (not necessarily wise) action and, armed with a flamethrower, sets about forcing a reunion with her child.Emais every female-related moral panic made manifest - she's a reckless mother, voracious lover and master manipulator, with a tendency to break into dance that makes her impossible to contain. It's a thrillingly intelligent characterisation at the centre of a frequently rousing film. Appropriately fluid camerawork and a vivid visual palette are the icing on top of a wonderfully provocative and confounding confection.


An estranged couple struggle with the aftermath of giving up their adopted son, despite the violent acts he committed. Haunting drama, starring Gael García Bernal, Mariana Di Girólamo and Cristián Suárez. In Spanish with English subtitles.

Cast & Crew

Ema Mariana Di Giroamo
Gastón Gael García Bernal
Polo Cristián Suárez
Aníbal Santiago Cabrera
Raquel Paola Giannini
Perla Josefina Fiebelkorn
Sonia Giannina Fruttero
Renata Antonia Giesen
Paulina Susana Hidalgo
Director Pablo Larraín
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Other Information

Language: Spanish +subtitlesColourTheatrical distributor: MUBIAvailable on: DVDReleased on: 17 Apr 2020