The Mummy

The Mummy

Terence Fisher (1959)

X Certificate


Our Score
After its huge success with Dracula and Frankenstein, Hammer turned to another vintage Universal monster for its scream dream team of Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and director Terence Fisher. Although the movie is rather talky and undemanding plotwise, Cushing is marvellously crisp as the tomb-desecrating archaeologist, fending off the malevolent attentions of gauze-wrapped Lee. And, unlike your usual shambling mummy, Lee really does capture the murderously powerful, fast-moving ferocity of the bandaged reincarnation, as he stomps through foggy London.


Archaeologists uncover the 4,000-year-old sacred tomb of an ancient Egyptian princess. A mummified priest returns to the land of the living to kill those who have desecrated the sacred burial site - but he is distracted from his mission of vengeance by a woman who is the princess's exact double. Hammer horror, starring Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Yvonne Furneaux.

Cast & Crew

John Banning Peter Cushing
Kharis, the Mummy Christopher Lee
Isobel Banning / Princess Ananka Yvonne Furneaux
Inspector Mulrooney Eddie Byrne
Stephen Banning Felix Aylmer
Joseph Whemple Raymond Huntley
Mehemet, priest George Pastell
Poacher Michael Ripper
Director Terence Fisher
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Other Information

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