Billionaire Boy

Billionaire Boy

Matt Lipsey (2016)



Family comedy, by David Walliams and Kevin Cecil. Len Spud and his 12-year-old son Joe become billionaires when Len invents a new toilet roll. Len soon starts dating fortysomething hand model Sapphire Diamond, while the butler helps a neglected and unhappy Joe transfer to the local comprehensive where he conceals the facts of his wealth. However, when Len turns up at the school with his son's forgotten homework, the cat is soon out of the bag. John Thomson stars as the inventor, alongside Walliams, Catherine Tate and Rebecca Front, and featuring Warwick Davis and Bryn Terfel as themselves.

Cast & Crew

Len John Thomson
Sapphire Diamond Catherine Tate
Mrs Trafe David Walliams
Miss Sharp Rebecca Front
Mr Darrow James Fleet
Joe Spud Elliot Sprakes
Himself Warwick Davis
Himself Bryn Terfel
Raj Harish Patel
Bob Nathan Waight
Julie Tupele Dorgu
Mr Brace Anthony O'Donnell
Maddie Connie Campbell
Gail Grubb Daisy Bernard
George Grubb Ellis Kirk
Gavin Jacob Skelly
Izzy Ellis Busby
Foreman Sean McKenzie
UK newsreader Deborah Blake
Global newsreader Todd Boyce
Global newsreader Magdalene Mills
Global newsreader Tina Chiang
Director Matt Lipsey
Executive Producer Jo Sargent
Producer Joanna Hanley
Writer Kevin Cecil
Writer David Walliams
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