Someone taught their computer to write Harry Potter books and the result is hilarious

Mischief (not) managed


JK Rowling has an imagination unmatched by any living human – but what about computers?


Max Deutsch is the editor of Deep Writing, a blog devoted to re-creating popular stories and songs through artificial intelligence. He fed a deep-learning algorithm the first four Harry Potter novels and programmed it to produce one chapter of a new story.

The chapter presents a plethora of characters – from Snape and Mad-Eye Moody to Krum and Peeves. Though largely gibberish, the computer raises a few chuckles.

“Now Malfoy from Charlie in places before he said, ‘The Mandrake forms to Hogwarts Weasley…Winky?’ “

“’Pig snout,’ they bowed back to the cabinet above the table. ‘That’s right,’ said Harry offhandedly.”

The algorithm also seemed to pick up Dumbledore’s love of sweets: “Dumbledore will get out from behind a cream cake.”


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