A Harry Potter fan wrote a tear-jerking epilogue to George Weasley’s story

No, YOU’RE crying


Of all the tragic moments in the Harry Potter series, the demise of Fred Weasley in The Deathly Hallows probably hits the hardest. Struck down in the battle for Hogwarts, his passing leaves his twin brother distraught and lonely and we’re told that he never fully gets over the loss, despite continuing their joke shop business with Ron and finding new happiness with his wife Angelica and son (named Fred after his brother).


But if you thought that was about as sad as the story could get, you’d be wrong – because one fan has imagined the formerly fun-loving George’s life after the Deathly Hallows, and it’s genuinely pretty heart-wrenching.


Franky, if you have a dry eye after reading tumblr user Amelia’s (aka The Meme Supreme) story, you must be under some kind of emotion-deadening charm.