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Meerkat sings duet of Ebony and Ivory with Peep Show's Robert Webb

Aleksandr Orlov and Robert Webb collaborate for ‘Gingery and Furry’ duet, a modern take on the classic Paul McCartney/ Stevie Wonder hit

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Published: Tuesday, 2nd July 2013 at 11:14 am

When searching for home or car insurance, many of us have apparently been unable to differentiate between the word meerkat and the word market.


It was a concept only a meerkat could explain. In a mini smoking jacket. Naturally.

But, it looks like the meerkat/ market battle may be over as Compare the Market’s Robert Webb tempts Aleksandr Orlov into a sing-song.

Ah, the obvious weakness of a meerkat, exploited again!

So, as Ebony and Ivory becomes Gingery and Furry, and meerkat bonds with silly ginger angry trouser man, is this the end of an era of hostility?

Well, a little meerkat suggested to that this musical collaboration might even get released as a single one day - now that would be the beginning of something special...


Watch this space…


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