Radio Times film quiz of the year 2013

Andrew Collins tests your big-screen knowledge with a tricky set of questions from some of 2013's most popular films...

Radio Times film quiz of the year 2013
Written By
Andrew Collins

1. Which overworked actor was a 1940s detective, a motorcycle stuntman and a Bangkok club manager this year?

2. What number did the long-running Fast & Furious franchise reach in 2013?

3. Which multi-tasker links Shakespeare to Norse mythology?

4. Which US/ UK sci-fi horror blockbuster was partly filmed at an enterprise park in Sandwich in Kent, and an oil refinery in Grangemouth?

5. The subject of which real-life political drama described it's screenplay as "a lie built on a lie"?

6. Snap! Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down both depicted sieges of the White House. But which was first?

7. Talking of which, who presented the Best Picture Oscar by video link from the Diplomatic Room of the White House?

8. Three dramas were based on real events from American culture - Beat Generation biopic Kill Your Darlings, teen crime-spree satire The Bling Ring and punk-rock paean CBGB. Which legendary film series magically links them?

9. Why won't Steven Soderbergh's highly praised Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra win any Oscars?

10. Who went to university for Pixar and paid off their student debts with takings of $743 million?



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