The Winter Olympics 2022 has started with a range of sports on offer and something for everyone over the coming weeks.


As with the Summer Games, sports come in a variety of forms. Pensive, chess-like curling and high-octane ski jumping are all part of the Winter Olympics programme.

While a total of just seven different sports doesn't feel like many, they are split into 15 disciplines with 109 medals to be won across the spell of the Games.

There are no completely new sports added to the roster for this competition, but there is greater variety.

A range of mixed events have been added to the calendar, including Curling Mixed Doubles that will see Team GB go for gold with Bruce Mouat and Jen Dodds teaming up.

More like this brings you all the full list of Winter Olympics sports featuring in 2022.

What are the sports at the Winter Olympics 2022?

  • Alpine skiing (6-11th; 13th; 15-17th; 19th)
  • Bobsleigh (13-15th; 18-20th)
  • Biathlon (5th; 7-8th; 11-13th; 15-16th; 18-19th)
  • Cross-country skiing (5-6th; 8th; 10-13th; 16th; 19-20th)
  • Curling (2nd-20th)
  • Freestyle skiing (3rd; 5-10th; 13-19th)
  • Figure skating (4th; 6-8th; 10th; 12th; 14-15th; 17-20th)
  • Ice hockey (3rd-20th)
  • Luge (5-9th)
  • Nordic combined (9th; 15th; 17th)
  • Snowboard (5-12th; 14-15th)
  • Ski jumping (5-7th; 11-12th; 14th)
  • Skeleton (10-12th)
  • Speed skating (5-8th; 10-13th; 15th; 17-19th)
  • Short track speed skating (5th; 7th; 9th; 11th; 13th; 16th)

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