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Premier League fixtures 2020/2021 on TV – Schedule, all channels, kick-off times

Get the latest Premier League fixtures with our comprehensive guide to the biggest football games on the box in 2020/21, with detailed listings, match previews and the latest deals.

Premier League fixtures

It all comes down to this weekend with the Premier League approaching the finish line following the most tumultuous season on record.


Against all the odds, the domestic campaign has been fulfilled in the rescheduled time with weeks to spare before Euro 2020 fixtures kick off.

The title has been sewn up and relegated teams confirmed but the fight for a top four place rages on with Chelsea, Liverpool and Leicester separated by a single point.

Chelsea will make a tricky trip to face Aston Villa, though they do remain favourites ahead of that one, while Leicester take on Tottenham in another unfavourable clash.

Liverpool – whose late-season form has fired them right into contention for Champions League football next season – boast the preferred fixture, at home to Crystal Palace, but nothing is certain in this topsy-turvy season.

Leeds have secured a top-half finish on their return to the Premier League and will face West Brom in their first game of the season with fans inside Elland Road.

Sky Sports and BT Sport continue to boast the lion’s share of coverage, while Amazon Prime Video and occasional free-to-air Premier League games will be shown on BBC throughout the 2020/21 season.

We’re here to keep you up to speed with the latest Premier League fixtures, TV schedule and channel information so that you never miss a moment.

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Premier League 2020/21 fixtures – TV schedule

All UK time.

Sunday 23rd May

Arsenal v Brighton (4pm) Sky Sports Arena / NOW

Aston Villa v Chelsea (4pm) Sky Sports ActionNOW

Fulham v Newcastle (4pm) Sky Sports Mix / NOW

Leeds v West Brom (4pm) BT Sport 2

Leicester v Tottenham (4pm) Sky Sports Football / NOW

Liverpool v Crystal Palace (4pm) Sky Sports Main Event / NOW

Man City v Everton (4pm) Sky Sports Premier League / NOW

Sheffield United v Burnley (4pm) BT Sport 3

West Ham v Southampton (4pm) Sky One / NOW

Wolves v Man Utd (4pm) BT Sport 1

How to watch the Premier League on TV

Sky Sports remains the main home of Premier League football. The Sky Sports Premier League and Sky Sports Football channels cost just £18 per month combined, or pick up the complete sports package from just £25 per month.

NOW is essentially Sky Sports without the commitment to a lengthy contract, offering the exact same number of games. They offer every Sky Sports channel via one-off fees – either as a day pass (£9.99) or month pass (£33.99).

BT Sport typically show games in the weekly Saturday lunchtime slot, though in 2020/21 they have been handed extra matches. Sign up for a BT Sport subscription or pick up a contract-free BT Sport monthly pass for £25.

Amazon Prime Video offers sporadic games throughout the season plus bumper rounds of fixtures ahead of each Christmas period. Take advantage of their 30-day free trial which includes free next-day delivery on thousands of items across the Amazon store.

Premier League games on free to air TV

Free to air Premier League football has returned, though not quite in the same comprehensive way as during the first lockdown.

Numerous matches were previously shown on Pick TV and BBC without cost as a way to bring football to the masses while fans were unable to attend games.

However, in 2020/21 the offering is much smaller. Only occasional games will be shown on the BBC during the season, but keep checking out this page for the latest updates.

We’ll do everything we can to help you watch every moment of free Premier League football if and when announcements are made.

When will the 2020/21 Premier League season end?

The official end date has been confirmed to be Sunday 23rd May, despite the fact that the season started a month later than usual.

Organisers must shoe-horn the 38-game season into a roughly ‘normal’ schedule, and the end date must come in May to accommodate the rescheduled Euro 2020 – set to start on 11th June 2021.

The Premier League season usually ends in early-to-mid May but will run an extra week to ensure all games are played, with more midweek rounds of fixtures over winter and spring to ensure every fixture is fulfilled.

Will fans be allowed back to stadiums?

The current plan will see stadiums allow 25 per cent capacity crowds – or a maximum of 10,000 fans – from Monday 17th May, in time for the last week of fixtures.

Every team will have played in front of a home crowd in the final week of the season.

During the Tier system, Premier League teams in Tier 1 areas were allowed a maximum of 4,000 spectators to attend top flight games, while Tier 2 locations were permitted to allow 2,000 fans.

Premier League 2020/21 results

Saturday 12th September

Fulham 0-3 Arsenal

Crystal Palace 1-0 Southampton

Liverpool 4-3 Leeds

West Ham 0-2 Newcastle

Sunday 13th September

West Brom 0-3 Leicester

Tottenham 0-1 Everton

Monday 14th September

Sheffield United 0-2 Wolves

Brighton 1-3 Chelsea

Saturday 19th September

Everton 5-2 West Brom

Leeds 4-3 Fulham

Man Utd 1-3 Crystal Palace

Arsenal 2-1 West Ham

Sunday 20th September

Southampton 2-5 Tottenham

Newcastle 0-3 Brighton

Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

Leicester 4-2 Burnley

Monday 21st September

Aston Villa 1-0 Sheffield United

Wolves 1-3 Man City

Saturday 26th September

Brighton 2-3 Man Utd

Crystal Palace 1-2 Everton

West Brom 3-3 Chelsea

Burnley 0-1 Southampton

Sunday 27th September

Sheffield United 0-1 Leeds

Tottenham 1-1 Newcastle

Man City 2-5 Leicester

West Ham 4-0 Wolves

Monday 28th September

Fulham 0-3 Aston Villa

Liverpool 3-1 Arsenal

Saturday 3rd October

Chelsea 4-0 Crystal Palace

Everton 4-2 Brighton

Leeds 1-1 Man City

Newcastle 3-1 Burnley

Sunday 4th October

Leicester 0-3 West Ham

Southampton 2-0 West Brom

Arsenal 2-1 Sheffield United

Wolves 1-0 Fulham

Man Utd 1-6 Tottenham

Aston Villa 7-2 Liverpool

Saturday 17th October

Everton 2-2 Liverpool

Chelsea 3-3 Southampton

Man City 1-0 Arsenal

Newcastle 1-4 Man Utd

Sunday 18th October

Sheffield United 1-1 Fulham

Crystal Palace 1-1 Brighton

Tottenham 3-3 West Ham

Leicester 0-1 Aston Villa

Monday 19th October

West Brom 0-0 Burnley

Leeds 0-1 Wolves

Friday 23rd October

Aston Villa 0-3 Leeds

Saturday 24th October

West Ham 1-1 Man City

Fulham 1-2 Crystal Palace

Man Utd 0-0 Chelsea

Liverpool 2-1 Sheffield United

Sunday 25th October

Southampton 2-0 Everton

Wolves 1-1 Newcastle

Arsenal 0-1 Leicester

Monday 26th October

Brighton 1-1 West Brom

Burnley 0-1 Tottenham

Friday 30th October

Wolves 2 v 0 Crystal Palace

Saturday 31st October

Sheffield United 0-1 Man City

Burnley 0-3 Chelsea

Liverpool 2-1 West Ham

Sunday 1st November

Aston Villa 3-4 Southampton

Newcastle 2-1 Everton

Man Utd 0-1 Arsenal

Tottenham 2-1 Brighton

Monday 2nd November

Fulham 2-0 West Brom

Leeds 1-4 Leicester

Friday 6th November

Brighton 0-0 Burnley

Southampton 2-0 Newcastle

Saturday 7th November

Everton 1-3 Man Utd

Crystal Palace 4-1 Leeds

Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United

West Ham 1-0 Fulham

Sunday 8th November

West Brom 0-1 Tottenham

Leicester 1-0 Wolves

Man City 1-1 Liverpool

Arsenal 0-3 Aston Villa

Saturday 21st November

Newcastle 0-2 Chelsea

Aston Villa 1-2 Brighton

Tottenham 2-0 Man City

Man Utd 1-0 West Brom

Sunday 22nd November

Fulham 2-3 Everton

Sheffield United 0-1 West Ham

Leeds 0-0 Arsenal

Liverpool 3-0 Leicester

Monday 23rd November

Burnley 1-0 Crystal Palace

Wolves 1-1 Southampton

Friday 27th November

Crystal Palace 0-2 Newcastle

Saturday 28th November

Brighton 1-1 Liverpool

Man City 5-0 Burnley

Everton 0-1 Leeds

West Brom 1-0 Sheffield United

Sunday 29th November

Southampton 2-3 Man Utd

Chelsea 0-0 Tottenham

Arsenal 1-2 Wolves

Monday 30th November

Leicester 1-2 Fulham

West Ham 2-1 Aston Villa

Saturday 5th December

Burnley 1-1 Everton

Man City 2-0 Fulham

West Ham 1-3 Man Utd

Chelsea 3-1 Leeds

Sunday 6th December

West Brom 1-5 Crystal Palace

Sheffield United 1-2 Leicester

Tottenham 2-0 Arsenal

Liverpool 4-0 Wolves

Monday 7th December

Brighton 1-2 Southampton

Friday 11th December

Leeds 1-2 West Ham

Saturday 12th December

Wolves 0-1 Aston Villa

Newcastle 2-1 West Brom

Man Utd 0-0 Man City

Everton 1-0 Chelsea

Sunday 13th December

Southampton 3-0 Sheffield United

Crystal Palace 1-1 Tottenham

Fulham 1-1 Liverpool

Arsenal 0-1 Burnley

Leicester 3-0 Brighton

Tuesday 15th December

Wolves 2-1 Chelsea

Man City 1-1 West Brom

Wednesday 16th December

Arsenal 1-1 Southampton

Leeds 5-2 Newcastle

Leicester 0-2 Everton

Fulham 0-0 Brighton

Liverpool 2-1 Tottenham

West Ham 1-1 Crystal Palace

Thursday 17th December

Aston Villa 0-0 Burnley

Sheffield Utd 2-3 Man Utd

Saturday 19th December

Crystal Palace 0-7 Liverpool

Southampton 0-1 Man City

Everton 2-1 Arsenal

Newcastle 1-1 Fulham

Sunday 20th December

Brighton 1-1 Sheffield United

Tottenham 0-2 Leicester

Man Utd 6-2 Leeds

West Brom 0-3 Aston Villa

Monday 21st December

Burnley 2-1 Wolves

Chelsea 3-0 West Ham

Saturday 26th December – Boxing Day

Leicester 2-2 Man Utd

Aston Villa 3-0 Crystal Palace

Fulham 0-0 Southampton

Arsenal 3-1 Chelsea

Man City 2-0 Newcastle

Sheffield United 0-1 Everton

Sunday 27th December

Leeds 1-0 Burnley

West Ham 2-2 Brighton

Liverpool 1-1 West Brom

Wolves 1-1 Tottenham

Monday 28th December

Crystal Palace 1-1 Leicester

Chelsea 1-1 Aston Villa

Everton P-P Man City

Tuesday 29th December

Brighton 0-1 Arsenal

Burnley 1-0 Sheffield United

Southampton 0-0 West Ham

West Brom 0-5 Leeds

Man Utd 1-0 Wolves

Wednesday 30th December

Newcastle 0-0 Liverpool

Friday 1st January

Everton 0-1 West Ham

Man Utd 2-1 Aston Villa

Saturday 2nd January

Tottenham 3-0 Leeds

Crystal Palace 2-0 Sheffield United

Brighton 3-3 Wolves

West Brom 0-4 Arsenal

Sunday 3rd January

Newcastle 1-2 Leicester

Chelsea 1-3 Man City

Monday 4th January

Southampton 1-0 Liverpool

Tuesday 12th January

Sheffield United 1-0 Newcastle

Burnley 0-1 Man Utd

Wolves 1-2 Everton

Wednesday 13th January

Man City 1-0 Brighton

Tottenham 1-1 Fulham

Thursday 14th January

Arsenal 0-0 Crystal Palace

Saturday 16th January

Wolves 2-3 West Brom

Leeds 0-1 Brighton

West Ham 1-0 Burnley

Fulham 0-1 Chelsea

Leicester 2-0 Southampton

Sunday 17th January

Sheffield United 1-3 Tottenham

Liverpool 0-0 Man Utd

Man City 4-0 Crystal Palace

Monday 18th January

Arsenal 3-0 Newcastle

Tuesday 19th January

West Ham 2-1 West Brom

Leicester 2-0 Chelsea

Wednesday 20th January

Fulham 1-2 Man Utd

Man City 2-0 Aston Villa

Thursday 21st January

Liverpool 0-1 Burnley

Saturday 23rd January

Aston Villa 2-0 Newcastle

Tuesday 26th January

Crystal Palace 2-3 West Ham

Newcastle 1-2 Leeds

Southampton 1-3 Arsenal

West Brom 0-5 Man City

Wednesday 27th January

Burnley 3-2 Aston Villa

Chelsea 0-0 Wolves

Brighton 0-0 Fulham

Everton 1-1 Leicester

Man Utd 1-2 Sheffield Utd

Thursday 28th January

Tottenham 1-3 Liverpool

Saturday 30th January

Everton 0-2 Newcastle

Crystal Palace 1-0 Wolves

Man City 1-0 Sheffield United

West Brom 2-2 Fulham

Arsenal 0-0 Man Utd

Southampton 0-1 Aston Villa

Sunday 31st January

Chelsea 2-0 Burnley

Leicester 1-3 Leeds

West Ham 1-3 Liverpool

Brighton 1-0 Tottenham

Tuesday 2nd February

Sheffield United 2-1 West Brom

Wolves 2-1 Arsenal

Newcastle 1-2 Crystal Palace

Man Utd 9-0 Southampton

Wednesday 3rd February

Burnley 0-2 Man City

Fulham 0-2 Leicester

Leeds 1-2 Everton

Aston Villa 1-3 West Ham

Liverpool 0-1 Brighton

Thursday 4th February

Tottenham 0-1 Chelsea

Saturday 6th February

Aston Villa 1-0 Arsenal

Burnley 1-1 Brighton

Newcastle 3-2 Southampton

Fulham 0-0 West Ham

Man Utd 3-3 Everton

Sunday 7th February

Tottenham 2-0 West Brom

Wolves 0-0 Leicester

Liverpool 1-4 Man City

Sheffield United 1-2 Chelsea

Monday 8th February

Leeds 2-0 Crystal Palace

Saturday 13th February

Leicester 3-1 Liverpool

Crystal Palace 0-3 Burnley

Man City 3-0 Tottenham

Brighton 0-0 Aston Villa

Sunday 14th February

Southampton 1-2 Wolves

West Brom 1-1 Man Utd

Arsenal 4-2 Leeds

Everton 0-2 Fulham

Monday 15th February

West Ham 3-0 Sheffield United

Chelsea 2-0 Newcastle

Wednesday 17th February

Burnley 1-1 Fulham

Everton 1-3 Man City

Friday 19th February

Wolves 1-0 Leeds

Saturday 20th February

Southampton 1-1 Chelsea

Burnley 0-0 West Brom

Liverpool 0-2 Everton

Fulham 1-0 Sheffield United

Sunday 21st February

West Ham 2-1 Tottenham

Aston Villa 1-2 Leicester

Arsenal 0-1 Man City

Man Utd 3-1 Newcastle

Monday 22nd February

Brighton 1-2 Crystal Palace

Tuesday 23rd February

Leeds 3-0 Southampton

Saturday 27th February

Man City 2-1 West Ham

West Brom 1-0 Brighton

Leeds 0-1 Aston Villa

Newcastle 1-1 Wolves

Sunday 28th February

Crystal Palace 0-0 Fulham

Leicester 1-3 Arsenal

Tottenham 4-0 Burnley

Chelsea 0-0 Man Utd

Sheffield United 0-2 Liverpool

Monday 1st March

Everton 1-0 Southampton

Tuesday 2nd March

Man City 4-1 Wolves

Wednesday 3rd March

Burnley 1-1 Leicester

Sheffield United 1-0 Aston Villa

Crystal Palace 0-0 Man Utd

Thursday 4th March

Fulham 0-1 Tottenham

West Brom 0-1 Everton

Liverpool 0-1 Chelsea

Saturday 6th March

Burnley 1-1 Arsenal

Sheffield United 0-2 Southampton

Aston Villa 0-0 Wolves

Brighton 1-2 Leicester

Sunday 7th March

West Brom 0-0 Newcastle

Liverpool 0-1 Fulham

Man City 0-2 Man Utd

Tottenham 4-1 Crystal Palace

Monday 8th March

Chelsea 2-0 Everton

West Ham 2-0 Leeds

Wednesday 10th March

Man City 5-2 Southampton

Friday 12th March

Newcastle 1-1 Aston Villa

Saturday 13th March

Leeds 0-0 Chelsea

Crystal Palace 1-0 West Brom

Everton 1-2 Burnley

Fulham 0-3 Man City

Sunday 14th March

Southampton 1-2 Brighton

Leicester 5-0 Sheffield United

Arsenal 2-1 Tottenham

Man Utd 1-0 West Ham

Monday 15th March

Wolves 0-1 Liverpool

Friday 19th March

Fulham 1-2 Leeds

Saturday 20th March

Brighton 3-0 Newcastle

Sunday 21st March

West Ham 3-3 Arsenal

Aston Villa 0-2 Tottenham

Saturday 3rd April

Chelsea 2-5 West Brom

Leeds 2-1 Sheffield United

Leicester 0-2 Man City

Arsenal 0-3 Liverpool

Sunday 4th April

Southampton 3-2 Burnley

Newcastle 2-2 Tottenham

Aston Villa 3-1 Fulham

Man Utd 2-1 Brighton

Monday 5th April

Everton 1-1 Crystal Palace

Wolves 2-3 West Ham

Friday 9th April

Fulham 0-1 Wolves

Saturday 10th April

Man City 1-2 Leeds

Liverpool 2-1 Aston Villa

Crystal Palace 1-4 Chelsea

Sunday 11th April

Burnley 1-2 Newcastle

West Ham 3-2 Leicester

Tottenham 1-3 Man Utd

Sheffield United 0-3 Arsenal

Monday 12th April

West Brom 3-0 Southampton

Brighton 0-0 Everton

Friday 16th April

Everton 2-2 Tottenham

Saturday 17th April

Newcastle 3-2 West Ham

Wolves 1-0 Sheffield United

Sunday 18th April

Arsenal 1-1 Fulham

Man Utd 3-1 Burnley

Monday 19th April

Leeds 1-1 Liverpool

Tuesday 20th April

Chelsea 0-0 Brighton

Wednesday 21st April

Tottenham 2-1 Southampton

Aston Villa 1-2 Man City

Thursday 22nd April

Leicester 3-0 West Brom

Friday 23rd April

Arsenal 1-0 Everton

Saturday 24th April

Liverpool 1-1 Newcastle

West Ham 0-1 Chelsea

Sheffield United 1-0 Brighton

Sunday 25th April

Wolves 0-4 Burnley

Leeds 0-0 Man Utd

Aston Villa 2-2 West Brom

Monday 26th April

Leicester 2-1 Crystal Palace

Friday 30th April

Southampton 1-1 Leicester

Saturday 1st May

Crystal Palace 0-2 Man City

Brighton 2-0 Leeds

Chelsea 2-0 Fulham

Everton 1-2 Aston Villa

Sunday 2nd May

Newcastle 0-2 Arsenal

Tottenham 4-0 Sheffield United

Monday 3rd May

West Brom 1-1 Wolves

Burnley 1-2 West Ham

Friday 7th May

Leicester 2-4 Newcastle

Saturday 8th May

Leeds 3-1 Tottenham

Sheffield United 0-2 Crystal Palace

Man City 1-2 Chelsea

Liverpool 2-0 Southampton

Sunday 9th May

Wolves 2-1 Brighton

Aston Villa 1-3 Man Utd

West Ham 0-1 Everton

Arsenal 3-1 West Brom

Monday 10th May

Fulham 0-2 Burnley

Tuesday 11th May

Man Utd 1-2 Leicester

Southampton 3-1 Crystal Palace

Wednesday 12th May

Chelsea 0-1 Arsenal

Thursday 13th May

Aston Villa 0-0 Everton

Man Utd 2-4 Liverpool

Friday 14th May

Newcastle 3-4 Man City

Saturday 15th May

Burnley 0-4 Leeds

Southampton 3-1 Fulham

Brighton 1-1 West Ham

Sunday 16th May

Crystal Palace 3-2 Aston Villa

Tottenham 2-0 Wolves

West Brom 1-2 Liverpool

Everton 0-1 Sheffield United

Tuesday 18th May

Man Utd 1-1 Fulham

Southampton 0-2 Leeds

Brighton 3-2 Man City

Chelsea 2-1 Leicester

Wednesday 19th May

Everton 1-0 Wolves

Newcastle 1-0 Sheffield United

Tottenham 1-2 Aston Villa

Crystal Palace 1-3 Arsenal

Burnley 0-3 Liverpool

West Brom 1-3 West Ham


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