It's been over a year since we caught up with our good friends on Ramsay Street, but now Neighbours is back, with the first full-length trailer for the show's Amazon Freevee reboot having been released.


The trailer features all the shocks and drama we've come to expect from the soap, while also giving us looks at the cast back in their iconic roles.

This of course includes the likes of Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne as Karl and Susan Kennedy, as well as Stefan Dennis as Robinson and Ryan Moloney as Toadie Rebecchi.

Even Guy Pearce, who made a re-appearance as Mike Young in the final three episodes of the show's original run last year, makes another appearance in the trailer, being told by Annie Jones's Jane that she's been keeping something from him.

You can watch the full trailer right here:

Pearce previously revealed his return to the show on the Good Weekend Talks podcast, explaining: "Annie and I called each other, ‘What do we do now, because we’re living in the street? And she said, ‘Well I’m alright because I’m on the show anyway, but what are you going to do?’ I said, ‘I don’t know.’ So we’re in the process of working it out.

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"Obviously, if I’m going to extricate myself from the show, I want to do it respectfully. I wasn’t just gonna go, ‘Well, bad luck. You had your chance, that was it,’ you know. So there may be a little appearance or two, shall we say."

Could Jane's admission that she's been keeping secrets in the trailer mark the end of the couple once more, after their reunion in last year's finale?

The revival will pick up two years after the finale, with a wedding set to take place and Mischa Barton's new character Reece arriving on the street.

While Barton has said she was "familiar" with the series before joining the revival, she also explained that she had never actually seen it.

Neighbours returns on Amazon Freevee on 18th September 2023. Check out more of our Soaps coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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