The village is grappling with a huge loss in upcoming scenes of Hollyoaks, with friends feuding and a new romance possibly on the horizon.


Juliet Nightingale's (Niamh Blackshaw) family is struggling after her death, with her brother Romeo (Owen Warner) being left to organise her funeral according to her wishes.

Meanwhile, Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) continues with her heist plan without Grace Black (Tamara Wall), while Zara Morgan (Kelly Condron) and Damon Kinsella (Jacob Roberts) get cosy.

Read on for your Hollyoaks spoilers for episodes airing on Channel 4 between Monday, June 19th and Friday, June 23rd.

1. Charlie makes another bad decision

hollyoaks charlie dean
Charlie Behan as Charlie Dean in Hollyoaks. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Following his arrest, Charlie Dean (Charlie Behan) is determined to redeem himself and not to let anyone discover it was him behind the break-in, not dealer Taz (Keaton Lansley).

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Darren Osborne (Ashley Taylor Dawson) takes him to work at The Dog for the day, but when Charlie breaks a box of expensive whisky, Tony Hutchinson (Nick Pickard) is upset and lashes out at the teen, who then seeks his revenge.

Getting the keys to Tony's car, Charlie is convinced by Dillon (Nathaniel Dass) to teach The Dog owner a lesson.

When Tony finds his car vandalised, he realised it must've been Charlie. When questioned about the incident, Charlie is saved by Dillon, who admits he is to blame.

2. Sam goes too far in pursuing Zoe

Garcia Brown as Zoe and Matthew McGivern as Sam in Hollyoaks.
Sam breaks into Zoe's place. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Sam Chen-Williams (Matthew McGivern) continues harassing his ex, DS Zoe Anderson (Garcia Brown).

After gifting her a book on how to balance career and motherhood, a fed-up Zoe tells him she'll be forced to take legal action if he doesn't stop.

Maxine Minniver (Nikki Sanderson) is concerned about her brother's behaviour, who ignores the advice he's receiving from his family. Determined to get through to Zoe, Sam gets into her house and refuses to leave.

The DS gives him five minutes to talk, then explains to him that she doesn't love him and doesn't intend to keep the baby. After she tells Maxine about her latest encounter with Sam, the police officer is picked up when a police report about him comes through.

3. Warren and Felix feud

Felix in Hollyoaks
Richard Blackwood as Felix in Hollyoaks. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Warren Fox (Jamie Lomas) discovers the garage is in financial trouble when Sally St Claire (Annie Wallace) shows up at the body shop, explaining she had agreed to look at the accounts to try find a way to keep the business afloat.

Following his chat with Sally, Warren is disappointed in Felix Westwood (Richard Blackwood) for keeping the garage's issues from him.

Turning to his mum Norma Crow (Glynis Barber) for help, Warren gets involved in some money laundering at The Loft, with Ethan Williams (Matthew Bailey) forced to help the criminal mother-son duo.

Later on, Warren and Felix have a confrontation.

4. Cindy is in charge of the robbery

Cindy in Hollyoaks
Stephanie Waring as Cindy in Hollyoaks. Lime Pictures

Cindy is still set on robbing the armoured van, even without Grace's help. With Zara and Damon on her side, Cindy continues scheming but is unaware that her two pals are actually trying to prevent her from committing a serious crime.

5. Is there love on the horizon for Zara and Damon?

Damon and Zara in Hollyoaks
Kelly Condron and Jacob Roberts as Zara and Damon in Hollyoaks. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

During a fake stakeout, things get awkward between Zara and Damon.

The two lock lips, but will this lead to something more?

6. Sienna tries to woo Lord Rafe

Sienna and Rafe are at the races.
Sienna and Rafe met at the races. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Sienna Blake (Anna Passey) hasn't given up on her plan to get the life she wants and insists on seducing Lord Rafe Harcourt (Chris Gordon).

Frustrated that her attempts aren't being reciprocated, Sienna vents during a chat with Ethan, but things take a turn when Rafe invites her to shoot with him and Tony.

Finally getting Tony out of the way, Sienna is left alone with Rafe, but her gun accidentally goes off, spooking his dog, Henry. Has she ruined her chance with the Earl?

7. Romeo and Peri grieve Juliet

Rayne and Romeo.
Rayne and Romeo's relationship may be in trouble. Lime Pictures/Channel 4

Romeo is left alone to plan Juliet's funeral according to her wishes when his mum Donna-Marie (Lucy-Jo Hudson) admits to being too distraught to help. Bereaved and exhausted, he accepts the help of his girlfriend, Rayne Royce (Jemma Donovan).

Despite Rayne's best friend Lacey Lloyd (Annabelle Davis) telling her to give Romeo space at such a difficult time, the influencer becomes jealous of his bond with Peri Lomax (Ruby O'Donnell).

When the nurse is overcome with emotions after seeing pictures of her late girlfriend, she abruptly leaves. Romeo runs after her, telling Rayne that it's best if she doesn't go with him.

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