Mackenzie Boyd (played by Lawrence Robb) has been hiding a sordid secret for the past couple of weeks on Emmerdale, but the truth is finally out.


In a moment of madness in previous episodes, Mack cheated on his girlfriend Charity (Emma Atkins) following the news of the loss of their baby.

And finally, in tonight's episode (5th October 2022), the identity of the mystery woman was revealed.

The secret has been threatening to come out all week, when Nate let slip during a lads' night to Charity's son Ryan (James Sutton) that Mack had slept around.

After much pushing, Ryan finally got the truth out of him, and insisted Charity needed to know, but Mack was pretty persuasive and warned Ryan not to meddle.

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Tonight, Ryan once more toiled over the weight of the secret he was being asked to keep, but the load didn't exactly lighten for Mack either, who was shaken to receive a call from the mystery lover.

Desperate to put an end to the drama, Mack went to the outskirts of the village to meet up with the woman, who was revealed to be none other than Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland)!

A tense conversation between the pair saw Mack be pretty mean to Chloe, accusing her of harassing him, which hit home considering what she'd been through with Noah.

Later on, Chloe went to talk to Kerry for some advice, but the fiery northerner had no time for crying over boys (maybe she should take that advice on herself when it comes to Al...).

As the episode came to a close, Chloe revealed her news to viewers - she's pregnant.

Will she tell Mack? Will she keep the baby? Keep watching Emmerdale to find out.

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