**This article includes discussions of suicide that some readers may find upsetting**


We sadly now know when Faith Dingle (played by Sally Dexter) will die, but it won't be without one final day of fun in the village.

The Emmerdale favourite will ask for one last trip to the beach, but when her health deteriorates, her family take matters into their own hands and bring the beach to the Yorkshire countryside.

After a fun-filled day, Faith accelerates her plans to take her own life before her cancer does and Cain (Jeff Hordley) is left at his mother's bedside while she takes her last breath. As for Chas (Lucy Pargeter), she's off with her lover Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) and doesn't realise what is happening at home... Will she live to regret her decision?

Elsewhere, Tracy Metcalfe (Amy Walsh) has a passionate encounter with her ex, Nate (Jurell Carter), Liv (Isobel Steele) and Vinny (Bradley Johnson) think about the future, and Nicola (Nicola Wheeler) once more sets sights on bringing down Charles (Kevin Mathurin).

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7 Emmerdale spoilers next week

1. Faith's final day at the beach

Chas, Faith, Cain Emmerdale
Faith is overwhelmed by a surprise. (ITV) ITV

While Cain opens up to wife Moira (Natalie J Robb) about his struggles to deal with his mother's shifting demands, Faith hits upon an idea for a family day with the Dingles. Cain is left exasperated by her plan as she announces that they are all heading to the seaside; but soon Faith's health takes a turn for the worse, meaning the trip is off. Faith insists that the others must go to the beach without her, but Cain becomes determined to find a solution.

Faith is left overwhelmed when the Dingles and friends reveal that they have brought the seaside to Emmerdale! The delighted lady is thrilled as she watches her family having fun, and when pal Diane Sugden (Elizabeth Estensen) arrives, Faith is squeals with excitement. Chas and Rodney Blackstock (Patrick Mower) exchange a glance - it's mission completed! As Cain asks Faith to dance, she is blissfully happy and later, as the day comes to an end, Faith holds a picture to her heart in utter contentment. But this moment leads her to make a final decision...

2. Cain is by Faith's side as she passes away

Cain, Moira and dying Faith in Emmerdale
Cain stays by his mum's side in her final moments. (ITV) ITV

Moira feels unsettled by Faith's hints that she may end her life soon; and she desperately tries to convince her to back out of her plan. Faith assures Moira that she won't be doing so anytime soon - but her guilty look hints at a different story. Before long, she is saying her veiled goodbyes as grandson Nate leads her up to bed, unaware of the heartbreaking choice she has made. Alone in her bedroom, Faith takes one last look at the photos from the adventure of the previous day as she prepares to die alone.

As Cain returns, he soon realises what his mum has done. He is devastated as he tries to keep her comfortable in her final moments. As Faith takes her final breath, Cain is broken; and her family and friends are in pieces as they take in the news of her death. But there's one person notably absent, and she may come to regret her recent behaviour...

3. Chas misses the chance to say goodbye thanks to Al

Chas and Al in bed in Emmerdale
Chas ignores her worries. (ITV) ITV

Following Al's altercation with her son Aaron (Danny Miller), Chas is concerned for her lover as Aaron remains unrepentant. As the week begins, Al insists on an answer from Chas over their future, and seeing her happy around her family makes him fear he's already lost her. But Al is shocked and elated when Chas reveals she loves him and wants to be with him. After the Dingles' day out, Chas waits for Al at a lay-by and they head to a hotel, where he tries to cheer her up over mum Faith by revealing he has bought them a house.

As she allows herself to be distracted, Al persuades Chas to ignore her troubles, and he switches her phone to silent. But Paddy is trying to contact her to get home in time to see Faith before she passes away. Will it be too little, too late by the time Chas returns home? And how will she cope with the fact that her affair has cost her precious time with her mum?

4. Sparks fly for Tracy and Nate

Nate and Tracy kiss in Emmerdale
Tracy has a passionate encounter with her ex. (ITV) ITV

When Tracy sees Nate with new girlfriend Naomi Walters (Karene Peter), she is thrown; but she tells sister Vanessa Woodfield (Michelle Hardwick) that she'll tell Nate about her engagement to new partner Ollie. But she struggles to find the right moment, and a charged moment leads to a forbidden encounter between Tracy and Nate. Awkwardly the pair get dressed after their passion, but when she hears Vanessa approaching, Tracy hurries Nate out the back door in his boxers!

Vanessa is suspicious as Tracy tries to act casual, and when she spots Nate's phone and jeans, Vanessa despairs when Nate later returns to collect the belongings. As Tracy confesses that she still loves Nate, will Tracy go ahead with her engagement? And will Nate continue his new relationship with Naomi - or will the latter discover what has gone on behind her back?

5. Liv and Vinny discuss having children

Liv and Vinny Dingle in Emmerdale
The couple discuss the future. (ITV) ITV

This couple have had plenty of drama thrown at them since they got together, and now they're getting back on track after recent events. And when Zak comments on how good Vinny is with children during the Dingles' special day out, Liv is left thoughtful, which leads to a conversation with her husband about their future.

They discuss the idea of having kids, but Liv is happy when Vinny agrees they should start with a dog for now. Could the young newlyweds eventually decide to embark on parenthood together, or might village drama find another way to throw obstacles at them? Surely it's about time they enjoyed some peace and happiness?

6. Nicola takes action against Charles

Nicola in the cafe in Emmerdale
Nicola lies about Charles (ITV)

When Charles hears that someone has made a complaint about him to the bishop, he's very upset. He suspects Nicola, who previously made a threat to do just that when she learned that Charles' daughter Naomi was involved in the attack on her. So he warns Naomi not to take matters into her own hands by confronting Nicola, and ushers her away when he spots Naomi lingering near the Kings' home. Nicola soon emerges, but as Naomi hides, Charles ends up in a row with Nicola over her complaint.

Nicola is triumphant when the bishop believes her lies about Charles abusing his power as vicar; but she's stony-faced when friend Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) warns that her actions could cost the village their kind and genuine vicar. Will Nicola have a change of heart, or is there worse to come in this battle?

7. Will and Harriet caught out?

Harriet and Will in Emmerdale
Will still has feelings for Harriet. (ITV) ITV

After his stag do, Will is subdued as he tries to convince Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) that his declaration to Harriet was just a drunken mistake. Will then tries to play it down to Harriet, but they end up in a charged moment and as he leaves, she is only left more certain about his feelings for her. Harriet's partner Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) picks up on her awkwardness and she is forced to cover - while Kim looks ahead to her wedding day.

She is feeling content with her life, and a guilty Harriet bails from attending. But when Will finds out Harriet won't be there, Kim is left puzzled by his reaction. Will confronts Harriet and insists she must go to the wedding as he arranges to meet her later. This fuels Harriet's hopes, while Kim senses a problem and goes looking for Will. Kim listens in as she hears Harriet fight for Will's love - what will Kim do next?

Emmerdale has partnered with Dignity in Dying on Faith's storyline. You also can find help and support at Samaritans.

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