Gabby Thomas may soon have her hands full as new Emmerdale scenes hint at a big twist coming her way.

The unlucky-in-love character played by Rosie Bentham has been having a bit of fun with nanny Nicky (Lewis Cope) as of late.

The unofficial couple have been sneaking behind Kim Tate's (Claire King) back to enjoy some intimacy, but it seems that they could face some unexpected news soon as Gabby may be pregnant with Nicky's baby.

Tonight's (29th March) Emmerdale has seen Kim renewing Nicky's contract, with Gabby being over the moon that she'll get to see a lot more of the nanny now he'll be a regular fixture at Home Farm.

Olivia Bromley, Rosie Bentham and Claire King as Dawn, Gabby and Kim in Emmerdale.
What will Kim say when she finds out about Gabby and Nicky? ITV

As Gabby and Nicky celebrated his permanent role, their encounter came to an abrupt halt when she was hit by a wave of nausea. Nicky immediately helped her, with both of them being oblivious to what her sickness could actually be due to.

Later on, Nicky comforted a recovering Gabby in bed. The latter blamed her vomit incident to having had seafood chowder and quickly forgot about the whole affair.

After being previously fooled by Kim's son Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln), with whom Gabby shares baby Thomas, it seems that pregnancy isn't really on her mind at the minute.

But how will she react when she realises she may be expecting another child? Emmerdale confirmed Kim won't be too kind when she finds out about their illicit affair, but could the news of another baby perhaps soften her?

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