Although the storm has subsided on Emmerdale, the village must come to terms with the devastating losses suffered.


Harriet Finch (played by Katherine Dow Blyton) was the first to be killed off following a nasty accident with a quad bike.

She was quickly followed by Liv Dingle (Isobel Steele) who tragically died in her husband's arms after being crushed by a caravan.

But the ITV soap had another trick up its sleeve, suggesting there could be one more character dying before the week's up.

Samson Dingle (Sam Hall) has gone missing - is he actually dead?

Read on for all the confirmed deaths and theories around the Emmerdale 50th anniversary.

Is Samson dead?

Sam Hall as Samson Dingle on Emmerdale.
Samson Dingle (ITV) ITV

In a surprising twist after the storm had finished, Emmerdale revealed one more character was still in danger.

Samson Dingle went missing following another argument with his parents over his refusal to take responsibility for his baby with Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell).

While most of his family didn't really think anything of it during the storm - after all, they were busy tending to Sam's dreadful injury - the realisation started to hit that Samson was nowhere to be seen.

A camera panned over a grassy landscape as Belle tried to call Samson, only for his phone to be revealed, completely battered in.

Is Samson dead in one final Storm Week twist?

Is Liv Dingle dead?

Emmerdale: Vinny and Liv struggle in the wind (ITV)
Emmerdale: Vinny and Liv struggle in the wind (ITV)

Yes, unfortunately Liv Dingle was confirmed as the second victim of Storm Week.

Poor Liv's certainly been through the ringer on Emmerdale in recent months and years, and it didn't look like the drama was slowing down.

On Tuesday's Emmerdale (18th October), Liv finally made peace with her brother, Aaron (Danny Miller), putting aside past differences. Aaron was called away by Paddy, when they learned Chas was in hospital with a minor head injury, leaving Liv and Vinny (Bradley Johnson) to volunteer to look after baby Eve over at the Woolpack.

However, the young couple underestimated just how strong the winds were when they stepped outside to make their way across the village - it wouldn't have been a long walk, but it was certainly a dangerous one for them both.

When Vinny dropped his scarf and went to pick it up, Liv spotted danger of an incoming caravan which was completely at the mercy of the winds. She ran to help him and the pair ended up pinned against a building, trapped under the caravan.

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While Vinny wriggled free, the same couldn't be said of Liv, who was completely pinned down by the caravan - and unfortunately it was fatal. If they moved the caravan, she would die instantly.

Slowly dying, Aaron and Vinny took their turns to say goodbye to the fan-favourite in hugely powerful scenes, before Liv passed away peacefully - some solace given the devastating nature of her demise.

It was rumoured Isobel Steele would be leaving Emmerdale - that turned out to be true as Liv sadly died on the soap.

Is Vinny Dingle dead?

No, Vinny is not dead.

Like Liv, Vinny was in danger - and it's wasn't looking good for him. At the end of Tuesday's episode, he battled the wind with his wife, Liv, to help Paddy out.

However, he was thrust into a building and trapped by a caravan which was swept up in the gale force winds.

While he managed to wriggle from underneath the caravan and free himself, his wife Liv sadly passed away when the emergency services couldn't save her.

Is Sam Dingle dead?

Sam Dingle (ITV)
Sam Dingle impaled on a digger ITV

In a gruesome twist, Emmerdale has left Sam Dingle's (James Hooton) life in the balance.

The long-serving soap character spent most of Monday 17th October's episode worried for the cows, given the strength of the storm which could knock down the fences holding them in.

His ominous prediction came true - the cows escaped and began stampeding down the lane chasing Nate and Sam.

Nate was trampled under the distressed farm animals' hooves, while Sam seemingly escaped over some hay bales.

While the former was OK when found by Belle, they both came across the horrible sight of Sam impaled on the spike of a digger!

On Tuesday's episode, Sam was cut away from the digger and taken to hospital.

Will Sam pull through the terrible accident?

Is Harriet Finch dead?

Emmerdale: Harriet joins the search for Amelia (ITV)
Harriet joins the search for Amelia in Emmerdale ITV

Yes, unfortunately Harriet Finch was the first confirmed death of Emmerdale's Storm Week.

Her demise started on Sunday 16th October when she was keen to join the search for Amelia and found a quad bike to help her get around the woods which were swirling with debris and falling trees.

She was knocked off her quad bike and fell down a small incline - but her troubles got worse when the wind caused the bike to topple on her, pinning her to the ground!

She was discovered by nemesis Kim, who managed to wrangle the body from under the quad bike, but puzzlingly she left her to the side instead of getting her to safety.

A lightning bolt struck the quad bike, causing it to explode. Harriet was once more knocked unconscious and Kim couldn't find a pulse.

While Kim may have been an unreliable narrator of sorts, her demise was then confirmed by Dan Spencer, who grieved over her dead body in the woods.

Speaking of her exit, Dow Blyton said of discovering she would die: "I got very emotional reading it. On the actual day I was covered in blood and I had various bits of woodland hanging out of my hair. We had these industrial wind machines which were literally blowing sand and debris into your eyes.

"So when it came to it, it wasn’t as emotional because the technicality of what you have to do takes away from the emotion, so I managed to get through the day without sobbing."

Is Kim Tate dead?

Emmerdale: Kim rides horse (ITV)
Kim rides a horse in Emmerdale ITV

Kim Tate has pulled through - at least as of Monday 17th October.

She was in danger when she joined the search for Amelia is Kim, on top of her beloved horse. The newlywed didn't find Amelia, but she did come across Harriet, helping to remove the quad bike from her failing body.

While explaining to Harriet that she will live but Kim must get back to safety with her horse, a lightning strike caused her beloved animal to bolt, and a second caused the quad bike to explode, killing Harriet.

Kim was thrust backwards and smacked her head off a rock, causing her to bleed from the head, but it was in the end a minor injury and she found her way back to Home Farm to reveal the tragic news about Harriet to Will and his family.

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