There was a bittersweet exit for Daz Spencer (played by Mark Jordon) in tonight's double-bill of Emmerdale on ITV.


Former squaddie and cafe waiter Daz recently landed a new sales/delivery job down in Croydon and planned to leave the village with his teenage daughter, Amelia (Daisy Campbell).

But he faced opposition from his brother Dan Spencer (Liam Fox) and partner Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) who had raised Amelia as if she was their own daughter, before last year's bombshell revelation Daz was Amelia's birth father and not Dan.

Kerry still thought Daz was a bad 'un and has threatened to call the police unless he left the village. But she hadn't counted on Daz taking Amelia with him.

Tonight, during a leaving party for Daz at Dale Head, there was an angry confrontation between Kerry and Dan, when she accused her fella of not trying to do more to convince Amelia to stay in the village. Maybe she was expecting the brothers to physically fight it out, as they have done in the past!

Emmerdale, Kerry Wyatt, Dan Spencer, Amelia Spencer, Daz Spencer
Kerry refused to see Amelia leave the village with her dad Daz. (Picture: ITV)

Kerry and Dan appeared to have reached breaking point, with Kerry comparing Amelia's imminent departure with losing her own daughter Amy Wyatt, who fled the village a few years ago and went on the run from the police.

But after having a heart-to-heart with schoolgirl Amelia, who was in a right 'ol muddle over which of her two dads to remain loyal to, Kerry was relieved when Amelia ultimately decided to stick around in the village. Though she may soon regret her decision as it looks like Dale Head is going to be argument central with Kerry and Dan's relationship on very shaky ground.

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Emmerdale, Kerry Wyatt, Dan Spencer
Are Kerry and Dan close to breaking-up? (Picture: ITV)

Meanwhile, Daz's bags were packed and after a family farewell he got into a taxi and departed to begin his new life in the bright lights of Croydon, south London!

So, is this the last we'll see of Daz Spencer? There are currently no plans for the character to return to the soap, sources at ITV told

In real-life, actor Mark Jordon, who also had a long-running role as PC Phil Bellamy in ITV's 60s-set police drama Heartbeat, is currently awaiting trial after being accused of attacking a 68-year-old man in a pub in Oldham last July.


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