Why isn’t EastEnders on tonight? When you can watch the next episode on TV

The soap is making changes for the football.

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It is all change for EastEnders from Monday as we now have a new way to consume our Walford goodness with the whole weeks’ worth of episodes being uploaded to BBC iPlayer at the start of the week – did somebody say soap binge watch?


The change is happening because of Euro 2020 and it should be a welcome one for most who don’t like having their soaps tampered with to make way for football. Friday, June 11th is when this all starts for EastEnders, but it won’t be until Monday 14th the full force of the change comes into play.

But if for some reason you do not have access to the BBC iPlayer and you want to watch them the traditional way on BBC One, you still can – but the days and times will be different.

Why isn’t EastEnders on tonight?

Sadly for those desperate to find out what’s going on in Walford, there will be a bit of a wait for the next instalment as EastEnders isn’t on tonight, 11th June.

Instead, the BBC is showing the opening match of the Euro 2020 competition, which will see Turkey v Italy in a thrilling debut for the tournament.

While the football may not be your bag, EastEnders fans are in luck as the soap will be dropping a whole week’s worth of episodes on Monday morning on the BBC iPlayer, so you can watch all episodes next week whenever you want.

If you’re tuning in live next week, the next EastEnders episode will be on Tuesday, 15th June at 7:35pm.

When is EastEnders on next week?

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For the first week of this revamped way to watch EastEnders, we only have two visits to Walford on BBC One – but they are both hour-long visits so we will still be getting the regular amount of episodes – just over two days instead of four.

  • Tuesday, June 15th at 7.35pm – Double episode
  • Wednesday, June 16th at 7.35pm – Double episode

We’ll keep you posted on the state of play for the following weeks when the schedules are revealed but expect them to be similar to what we have here.

Is EastEnders moving to streaming permanently?

Right now, the answer is no. This is just for the duration of Euro 2020 and once that is over, EastEnders will be back to its regular schedule on BBC One.

However, the soap has taken a hit in the ratings lately and if this temporary change to a streaming debut attracts more viewers then we imagine that conversations will be had about doing something similar to this on a full-time basis.


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