EastEnders’ Mick Carter is stunned when Frankie reveals who she really is

Over-friendly Frankie finally revealed to Mick why she's been hanging around the Carters. *CONTAINS SPOILERS*

eastenders mick carter frankie lewis

EastEnders turned up the temperature on the Carter family’s friendly stalker storyline on Monday when Frankie Lewis (Rose Ayling-Ellis) finally revealed her true identity – she’s Mick’s daughter from an affair!


Since EastEnders returned in early September, free-spirited Frankie has seemed kind of obsessed with the Carters. So much so that she almost snogged Tina Carter (Luisa Bradshaw-White) who, understandably, thought she was romantically interested in her.

Frankie, EastEnders’ first deaf character, has been hanging about, furtively following the Carters and taking pictures of family members, in particular Mick (Danny Dyer) and Linda Carter’s son, Ollie.

On Monday, Frankie managed to convince Tina to let her look after Ollie in the playground, a scenario that almost always ends very badly in soapland.

Mick marched down the playground when Linda told him.

He shouted at Frankie: “Why have you been following my family around? Why have you been leading Tina on?”

Frankie responded, timidly: “I like her… and I like you.”

Mick was dismissive. Just because the girl had been through hard times, it didn’t mean she could “latch on” to his family.

“But your family is my family!” she blurted out. “I think you’re my dad!”

Doof doof…

EastEnders fans collectively went: “Hmm…”

The EastEnders storyline theories are out there – yes, literally, out there. Another baby-snatching storyline perhaps?

One theory, which was expressed by a number of people on social media, was that Mick was “sexually assaulted in care by a woman who got pregnant with Frankie as a result. It would highlight female on male assault which is rare for soaps. I’m all for it if Eastenders do it respectfully. @bbceastenders #EastEnders”

The storyline sets up a difficult time in the Carter household, when it’s inevitably revealed to all and sundry. Could EastEnders be working up to another classic Christmas climax?


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