A drained Janine Butcher called off her wedding plans to Mick Carter on tonight's EastEnders.


At the beginning of Wednesday’s episode (23rd November 2022), Janine (Charlie Brooks) is struggling to remain positive after yesterday's revelations, but Mick (Danny Dyer) is encouraging.

Across the Square, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) revealed to best friend Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) how she felt she had to be there for Janine after her fall, despite their history.

Later, Janine reads through the potential implications of a placental abruption online and struggles with her worries when talking to Mick. Janine asks Mick to sit with her as she can’t sleep but Mick leaves her to ostensibly go shopping.

Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) later turned up at the Vic to help lift Janine’s spirits, having been sent by Mick, but Janine worried about where he was.

In the park, Mick met in secret with Linda and confided in her about the health situation, and Janine’s reaction. Mick also confesses his own fears, recalling how their son Johnny Carter was born prematurely. Linda held Mick’s hand and noted how they got through this crisis and he and Janine will get through this.

In the Vic, Kim tries to comfort Janine by chatting with her but puts doubts in her mind about his absence at Janine’s side in the hospital and now. Looking out the Vic window, Janine spotted Linda and Mick hugging, prompting her to grow upset.

However, Linda is just giving advice and showing compassion for Janine and her unborn baby with Mick, calling them “family”.

Inside the Vic, Mick approached Janine lying alone in bed and lied that he had only gone to get milk. Janine revealed her fears to Mick as he embraced her, promising to be there for her throughout this.

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Janine Butcher spots Mick Carter talking with ex-wife Linda Carter in EastEnders
Janine Butcher spots Mick Carter talking with ex-wife Linda Carter in EastEnders BBC

Janine asked Mick what he had been speaking about with Linda and he revealed she had given him advice about how to handle the situation, describing what had happened with Johnny. Janine was upset as he didn’t speak to her about it, as her daughter Scarlett was born prematurely too. Mick promises to speak more to her, but Janine reveals her doubts about him and his late appearance at the hospital.

Mick revealed that Linda’s community payback officer being in the pub also delayed him from learning the news of Janine’s fall, fuelling her fears and upset.

In the kitchen, Janine approached Mick and proclaimed that they cannot get married as he does not feel the same about her as he does about Linda. Janine stated that Mick only proposed to her because she is pregnant, but he guessed this is a test to get him to drop Linda from his life.

Danny Dyer as Mick Carter with Charlie Brooks as Janine Butcher lying in bed in EastEnders
Danny Dyer as Mick Carter with Charlie Brooks as Janine Butcher lying in bed in EastEnders BBC

Janine denied it was a test, claiming it was about her having self-respect and protecting her child, realising that even when you love someone so much you can still feel like the loneliest person in the world, calling off the wedding.

Is this really the end for Mick and Janine? And what will happen to their baby?

Fans will be aware that actress Charlie Brooks is set to depart EastEnders as Janine Butcher in scenes over the New Year period, while Danny Dyer is also set to bow out as Mick Carter. How will this latest setback affect their remaining time on the Square?

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