Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) came face-to-face with an image of his biological father for the first time in tonight's EastEnders (1st August), but his happiness is destined to be short-lived.


The youngster reignited his plan to track down his dad this week, much to the panic of his aunt Kat (Jessie Wallace), who refused to allow him to find out the truth.

Freddie's mum Little Mo (Kacey Ainsworth) got pregnant as a result of rape, and the man responsible was Graham Foster (Alex McSweeney, who reprises his role this week).

Tonight, Freddie began his one-man mission, with Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) and Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) looking worried as they knew the full story but couldn't share it.

Kat avoided the subject, but eventually lied to Freddie that his mum had an affair while married to Billy.

Kat urged Freddie not to ask Little Mo about it, as it would be sure to upset her. At least this part of the story was true, as Kat confided in Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) that Little Mo continues to struggle with reminders of her attacker to this day.

Jean's partner Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) suggested that Freddie had a right to know, but Kat understandably couldn't bear to betray her sister's trust.

When Freddie called his mum, meanwhile, he decided not to mention that he was looking for his father.

But when Kat's son Tommy (Sonny Kendall) overheard her saying Graham's full name, Tommy revealed this crucial detail to Freddie, who searched online and discovered a car dealership where Graham worked.

As Freddie found a photo of Graham, he beamed, filled with joy to have found him. But will anyone fill Freddie in on what Graham did before he meets him?

If in need of support, visit the website for Rape Crisis and also contact by calling Rape Crisis's 23/7 support line on 0808 500 2222.

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