Ben Mitchell (played by Max Bowden) hired a hitman to kill relative Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) in Tuesday night's episode of EastEnders.


Bad boy Ben made the chilling decision to have Billy bumped-off on 21st May, after Billy found out from his granddaughter Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) that Ben is secretly out for revenge on his dad, Phil (Steve McFadden).

EastEnders, Lola Pearce, Ben Mitchell
Lola has betrayed Ben by drunkenly blabbing his secret! (Picture: BBC)

"You need to watch your back, someone's out to get you!" Billy warned garage boss Phil over at the Arches.

But just as Billy was grassing-up Ben, he walked into the garage.

EastEnders, Billy Mitchell, Phil Mitchell
Billy spilled the beans to Phil! (Picture: BBC)

Ben tried to get Phil back on side and convince him Billy was lying when Phil demanded, "What are you playing at?"

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"We should be ruling the Square. The Mitchells back on top!" said Ben. "Father and son."

But once again, Ben found himself rejected by his dad when Phil made it clear it would be Billy involved in future business dealings and not Ben.

"Not you... Billy." Phil told Ben. "He's family. He's loyal."


Furious at the thought of Billy getting a slice of the action and ruining his plans, Ben secretly met with a mystery man down a side alley who was revealed to be a hitman.

"I want a BIG blaze of glory, the more tragic the better!" instructed Ben and then handed the hitman an envelope stuffed with cash.

"Who's the lucky recipient of my services?" asked the hitman.

"He should be here in a second," replied Ben.

A moment later, Billy walked past!

"Night, night Bill...!" Ben muttered to himself as he watched Billy from the shadows.

Is Billy Mitchell soon to meet his doom?


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