Lola betrays Ben as Phil discovers revenge plan in EastEnders

Who's in danger as angry Ben lashes out?


EastEnders‘ Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden) has been secretly plotting to destroy dad Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) since he returned to Walford with Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) and their young daughter Lexi in tow.


But on Monday 20th May Lola’s conscience gets the better of her and she reveals bad boy Ben’s true agenda to her granddad Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) – could this revelation tear the clan apart?

Lola’s guilt at playing a deceitful long game to fleece patriarch Phil while Ben gets his feet under the table is exacerbated when her ex-fiance Ewan shows up. He reveals how Lexi’s dangerous dad threatened to kill him if he didn’t break up with her when he begged Lola to come back to Newcastle, which Ms Pearce refuses to believe so she sends her old flame packing. However, when confronts Ben he confirms the claim and Lola is horrified.

Drowning her sorrows later at the E20 club, Billy comes to check on her – a few drinks in, Lola spills the beans about Ben’s plan to ruin Phil to her Pops…


Will Phil believe Billy’s shock news about Ben?

On Tuesday 21st May Lola regrets shooting her mouth off and tells Billy she was drunk and to forget the whole thing. But Bill can’t keep it to himself and decides to tell Phil his own son wants to bring him down, being careful to keep Lola’s name out of it. Ben shows up as Bill is putting Phil in the picture and denies all, but there’s immediately tension between father and son as Phil isn’t sure what to believe.

Later, Ben tries to talk Billy round and keep him on side to stop him blowing his plan apart, but Billy warns him not to involve Lola and Lexi in his ruthless quest for power – leading Ben to devise a devious way to get Billy out of the picture permanently… Overhearing Billy being sent on a job for Phil, on Thursday 23rd May, Ben follows him but is alarmed to realise Billy’s son Will has tagged along. What has Ben got planned for Billy, and has he put young Will in danger?


Ben’s feud with Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) also continues as the two come to blows over the mechanic’s meddling in the Mitchell man’s attempts to shift some dodgy motors. But with Keanu having double crossed him, and Phil’s suspicions raised, are Ben’s scheming days over?


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