Hell hath no fury like Karen Taylor (played by Lorraine Stanley) scorned... and the mouthy mum is about to go on the rampage in EastEnders!


The trouble begins on the BBC1 soap on Monday 27th May, when a Taylor/Baker family picnic in the park turns into chaos when teenager Dennis Rickman (Bleu Landau) gets hit in the face.

Whack! Dennis gets hits in the face. But whodunit? (Picture: BBC)

Little Bailey Baker (Kara-Leah Fernandes) later confesses to her dad Mitch that she responsible!

But did she do it? Or is Bailey covering for the REAL culprit?

EastEnders, Bailey Baker, Mitch Baker
Bailey tells Mitch she hit Dennis. But is she lying to protect someone else? (Picture: BBC)

However, the damage is already done and after Dennis's stepdad Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) winds him up about being hit by a girl, the angry lad plots payback on the Taylor family on Tuesday 28th May.

Dennis and his mates throw water balloons at Karen's kids Chatham and Riley...

Karen is furious about the attack, especially when a video of Chatham and Riley's ordeal is uploaded online on Thursday 30th May. And when the brothers reveal Dennis and his mates threw the water balloons at them, Karen snaps!

EastEnders, Karen Taylor
Karen calls a family meeting and vows payback on who ever attacked Riley and Chatham. (Picture: BBC)

On Friday 30th May the furious mum storms over to confront the Mitchells and give Dennis a VERY big piece of her mind...

Remember that time Karen burst into the Mitchell house and started throttling Shazza, who had been having a secret affair with Karen's son, Keanu (Danny Walters)? Well, you can definitely expect a BIG shouty showdown just like that.

And we can't wait. Go, Karen!


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