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6 Coronation Street spoilers for next week: Car crash horror for Imran and Toyah

The battle for baby Alfie leads to danger...

Published: Tuesday, 24th May 2022 at 7:00 am
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There's horror ahead on the cobbles next week, as the baby battle between Abi Webster (Sally Carman) and Imran Habeeb (Charlie de Melo) reaches an almighty crescendo.


Viewers have seen Imran ruthlessly frame Abi for a drugs relapse in order to gain custody of their son Alfie. Abi knows exactly what he's been doing, and has planned to take her baby and leave - forever. But it seems she may not get the chance to do so.

The ITV soap recently teased this explosive week with the release of an intriguing trailer, featuring the camera spinning as it focuses on Abi and Imran in turn. There were also early hints of a car crash in the short clip, as the pair's loved ones were seen in a state of panic in the background. Lives are at risk, and Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell) and Toyah Habeeb (Georgia Taylor) find themselves caught in the crossfire.

Read on for all you need to know about Coronation Street from 30th May - 3rd June 2022.

1. Abi plans to flee the country

Coronation Street Abi

Having arranged fake passports through an old contact called Matty, Abi is determined to take Alfie and leave as soon as possible. Estranged husband Kevin is aware of her plans and chose not to tell Imran, who is already worried over what Abi is capable of. Next week, Kevin continues to help Abi as she has to work out a way of taking Alfie from Imran and Toyah.

But it's not long before her plan is foiled, with Abi realising it's too late. But have the couple found her out, or does something else stop her in her tracks before news of the crash leaks out? All we can say is that Abi won't be going through with her escape plan.

2. Imran sees the error of his ways


Despite weeks of intense plotting against Abi, Imran finally starts to regret his actions next week. Confronted by former foster daughter Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) over his bribery of Ben, who lied in court to destroy Abi, Imran is weighed down by the guilt of what he did.

He decides that he doesn't like the person he's become, and soon plans to come clean to wife Toyah and the court. But Toyah will begin to unravel Imran's lies herself. We know a flash-forward at the start of the week will see Imran leaving a chilling message for Toyah confessing to everything, but where does this leave the pair ahead of the danger that awaits them?

3. Imran and Toyah are in an accident


One minute Toyah is on a mission to go to the police as Imran vows to confess to his crimes, and the next the couple are in serious jeopardy as they both lie unconscious in the car wreckage. What were the circumstances that led to Imran and Toyah ending up in such a dangerous situation?

Were they arguing, or were they united? The dramatic events of this particular episode will also coincide with Abi's scheme backfiring, so just where is she while all this is going on?

4. Will Toyah die?


In the aftermath of the crash, we'll see Imran regain consciousness in time to pull an injured Toyah from the car, pleading with her to fight to stay alive. As an ambulance arrives at the scene, it's touch and go for Toyah. Will she survive, or is she set to become a fatal casualty of Imran's elaborate web of deceit? You'll just have to make sure to tune in to find out how it all unfolds!

5. Will Abi and Kevin reunite?


Abi and Kevin may have been on good terms recently, but they have remained separated following the bombshell of her one night stand with Imran which led to the birth of baby Alfie. However, next week Kevin will tell his wife that he wants her back in his life, and he wants them to make a go of it after all.

It's all Abi wants, other than to be with with her son. But as their reunion is halted by news of Imran and Toyah's crash, will Abi and Kevin be able to weather this latest storm together? He'll be seen promising Abi that they will fight for custody of Alfie together, so for now at least, it seems that there may be hope for the pair. But it may not be as simple as that as the repercussions of the crash continue...

6. Who was behind the crash?


No sooner has word spread about the crash than residents are taken in for questioning by the police. As they investigate why the car brakes didn't work, the police turn to mechanic Kevin who had previously worked on the car at his garage. He and Abi are both quizzed over what happened.

In the aftermath, Kelly also tells the authorities that Imran was on his way to confess to his lies before the accident. The police remain certain, however, that this was no accident. As the week draws to a close, viewers will see a flashback, allowing us to relive the car journey. So what exactly happened, and who is to blame?

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