Ryan Connor will get to see his face injuries following Justin's vile acid attack for the first time in Coronation Street.


The ITV soap is airing a hard-hitting storyline, seeing the bartender played by Ryan Prescott left with life-altering injuries in a terrible attack that was meant to target Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan).

Prescott, who's promoting a conversation on the prevalence of acid attacks on his social media accounts, has weighed in on his character's reaction to seeing his face after removing the bandages.

"For Ryan, I don't think he expects it to be as bad as it is," the actor told press, including RadioTimes.com.

"He has never seen major burns before so he doesn't know what to expect, and because he has been in bandages for so long he gets into a little comfortable zone with just wearing the bandages. Once his facial injuries are revealed to him, it knocks it right out of him again."

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Ryan Prescott as Ryan Connor in Coronation Street.
Ryan takes a look at his injuries in the mirror. ITV

Corrie has worked alongside Emmy, BAFTA and RTS Award-winning SFX artist Davy Jones (known for the Blade trilogy and Pirates of the Caribbean) and makeup prosthetics supervisor Beks Scott to create Ryan's face injuries.

"The initial glances are heartbreaking," Prescott continued. "The first time he sees his face, he is thinking, 'I am never going to have love in my life again. I am going to be the one that people look at in the street.'

"In that moment, all those feelings he was trying to ignore come rushing to the surface and he realises that there is no way this is going to heal and he is going to look like his burns haven't been there. It confirms to him that this is going to affect every aspect of the rest of his life, no matter what."

Ryan (Ryan Prescott) struggles after an attack in Coronation Street.
Alya visits Ryan at the hospital in a scene of Coronation Street. ITV

The soap star has researched for the storyline by meeting acid attack survivors, making sure to honour their stories.

"I wanted to do this storyline because I thought it was a great responsibility to be able to open up a dialogue about acid attack survivors, especially after some research [when] I realised how much more prevalent acid violence is than what I originally thought," he explained.

"I knew that the prosthetics was always going to be part of it and that was one of the positives to it."

"It's really nothing compared to what some people have gone through in real life. I had always thought of the prosthetics as an edge of that reality and now wearing the prosthetics makes me reflect on the reasons why I am doing this storyline. The prosthetics remind me that I want to further the dialogue of what people are actually going through in real life."

Coronation Street is working with The Acid Survivors Trust International (ASTI) on its upcoming storyline. You can visit the charity's website, and the Suzy Lamplugh Trust, for more information and support on matters raised in this article.

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