Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) has had a difficult few months on Coronation Street.


He accidentally killed Stephen (Todd Boyce) during his final showdown earlier in the year, and has been struggling to cope with life since.

This hasn't gone unnoticed by Carla (Alison King), who decided Peter wouldn't help himself, so she would have to do it for him.

The pair spent a lovely – if not slightly dysfunctional – Christmas together on Monday 25th December's episode, with Peter gifting Carla a bracelet before heading round to the Barlows, where hapless Tracy (Kate Ford) was cooking for 12.

By evening, Carla decided it was time to give Peter her present – a one way ticket to Spain, where he could join his friends on their trip around the world.

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Alison King as Carla and Chris Gascoyne as Peter in Coronation Street
Alison King as Carla and Chris Gascoyne as Peter in Coronation Street.

At first, Peter was furious at the thought, believing Carla was trying to rid herself of him, but as they got home in Tuesday 26th December's episode, all was revealed.

Carla had been sitting back watching Peter slowly fade away and, noticing he was stuck in the Weatherfield cycle, decided to put him before her and get him out of there while he still had some life left.

Peter didn't understand at all – and to be fair to both, there was still a lot of love between them – but Carla insisted he needed a clean break, which would mean no contact at all.

After much deliberation and some soul-searching from Peter, he agreed to accept Carla's offer and planned to take the ticket and leave.

In the morning on Boxing Day, Peter said goodbye to his family, with Ken proud of his son for doing what he never did.

Carla walked Peter to the tram station and the pair told each other they'd be there for each other even if they weren't physically together and Carla turned quickly on her heels and stormed off, not wanting to see Peter leave.

When she eventually gave in and turned around, he was gone, leaving Carla heartbroken.

If Peter returns, will they ever reunite?

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