Bethany Platt is heading back to the Coronation Street cobbles, and returning star Lucy Fallon has revealed that her beloved alter ego is reclaiming her feisty side.


Chatting to and other press ahead of Bethany's reappearance on-screen, Fallon teased that her character is back to her cheeky self - and a clash with love rival Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) is very much on the horizon. "It's a different sort of side to Bethany," she said.

"I know she was super feisty when she came back in 2015, but then obviously with everything that happened, it kind of got rid of that side to her. I think she's come back, and that side has very much come out again with Daisy. So it's been really fun having those scenes with Charlie, basically just being b****y to each other!"

Of course, the root cause of Bethany and Daisy's conflict is Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard), who recently split with Daisy due to her cheating. In 2020, Daniel dated Bethany prior to her exit, and even proposed – but he was still grieving late wife Sinead (Katie McGlynn), and got their names mixed up!

On New Year's Day, Daniel spots Bethany on the Street, and his face lights up. But how does Bethany feel about Daniel now?

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"I would say that they probably haven't spoken at all in the time that she's been away, so I imagine when they bump into each other again and they're both in new situations, they're in different parts of their life, I feel like it will spark that connection again. Whether she pursues it or not, I don't know whether I'm allowed to say!" Fallon teased.

Elaborating on the drama with Daisy, she was keen to point out that a lengthy grudge between the two ladies would be out of character for Bethany, who is much more likely to seek solidarity with women after the sexual abuse she suffered alongside several other girls as a teen.

"Daisy is a strong female character, [and] Bethany is also a strong female character. I feel like they're going to clash, and also obviously, they both want the same thing. I think there's going to be a bit of a power battle between them both.

Lucy Fallon
Lucy Fallon

"But I also think that I can't imagine Bethany, with everything that she's been through in the past to do with men, the stuff with Nathan, I don't see her just being out to get another woman or another girl on the Street for a long period of time. So I'd like to think eventually they would be more friends, rather than hating on each other [like] they are at the moment!"

Bethany has always been a bit of a troublemaker, and Fallon promised that this is still the case. But in her defence, Bethany doesn't initially plan on creating drama.

"The way she comes back is a bit dramatic for some people on the Street. One of the things that David Platt says is 'She's only been back five minutes and she's already causing problems!' So I'd say she is [still a troublemaker], but it's unintentional. She's not come back to cause problems for people."

Beyond her sassier persona, who exactly is Bethany today? "She's quite career-focused, she's very driven in her career; she's very desperate to pursue this journalism career that she's started in London," said the star.

"I'd say she's grown up quite a lot; I feel like last time we saw her, she probably felt a bit more like a young girl, whereas I think now she seems more like a woman. She's changed her dress sense - she's gone a little bit rock chick, I can't lie! I think she's grown up a lot but she has the same morals as before."

Anyone affected by Bethany's story can find support by visiting NSPCC or calling one of their dedicated hotlines. You can also visit Rape Crisis, or call the 24/7 Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Line on 0808 500 2222.

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