When was Coronation Street’s Bethany sexually abused? Who was Nathan Curtis?

Bethany's traumatic Weatherfield history is revisited

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Coronation Street revisits Bethany Platt’s (Lucy Fallon) sexual abuse storyline tonight when a man who frequented Nathan Curtis’s sordid parties turns up at the Bistro with his family. After recognising the restaurant punter, a visibly panicked Bethany confides in Daniel (Rob Mallard) and asks him not to do anything. But will Daniel listen to Bethany’s plea or decide to take matters into his own hands?


What did Nathan do to Bethany?

In a high-profile 2017 storyline, Bethany was groomed by salon owner Nathan Curtis (Christopher Harper), whose tanning salon business was actually a front for a sexual exploitation ring that he ran.


Controversial scenes saw Nathan hoodwink and manipulate Bethany before pimping her out to his friends. As is revealed tonight, one of the people who attended Nathan’s parties was Mr Lombardi, who arrives for a meal at the Bistro this evening, little realising that Bethany is now waitressing there.

What happened to Nathan?

Following his eventual arrest, Nathan and members of his gang were found guilty of rape and conspiracy to commit rape after being caught out by prosecution lawyers. In the wake of her nightmare, Bethany then temporarily turned to lap dancing in an attempt to reclaim control of her body.

A subsequent plotline also saw Bethany abducted by a young woman by the name of Kayla, who was ultimately revealed to be the daughter of PC Neil Clifton, a one-time associate of Nathan’s.

What happens in tonight’s Coronation Street?

The ITV soap isn’t yet revealing whether Mr Lombardi’s past actions will be exposed in front of his loved ones, but it’s fair to say that the fallout is set to be dramatic.


As the family leaves the Bistro rowing about what has happened, Lombardi’s angry wife puts her car into reverse and ends up knocking down Bethany’s friend Craig Tinker (Colson Smith), who has been inadvertently caught up in the mayhem.

Is Lucy Fallon leaving Coronation Street?


Lucy Fallon is set to exit the ITV soap next year and revealed to RadioTimes.com earlier this year that she’d like an upbeat exit for her character. Asked what her dream departure for Bethany would be, the Corrie star said: “She’d leave in a really nice way. She’d go to Italy, smiling and happy. With no bad things happening!”

As to why she’d chosen to quit the cobbles, Fallon said: “Before this job, I hadn’t done anything else. I was working in Subway, stuff like that. So I just want to try something else and see what happens. But I will be so gutted to leave. I’ve had the best years of my life here. I’ve absolutely loved my time at Corrie.”


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