Coronation Street has revealed a new trailer for all the action we can expect to see on air in May.


It's been a brutal month on the cobbles, but it seems there's going to be even more drama involving all the characters on the Street.

We've broken down the trailer for you with all the storylines we're going to be gripped to in the coming weeks...

David risks his life

Coronation Street David
Coronation Street's David gets in trouble

David Platt (Jack P Shepherd) has a habit of going on the path to self-destruction when something isn't going his way. But in the new May trailer, it seems he might actually put himself in real danger this time. For no reason at all, David makes his way to a dodgy estate, and provokes some residents causing them to chase him. Police officer Craig spots the whole thing and seems to give him a good telling off, but will the words sink in? Or is this the start of a dangerous route for David?

Yasmeen heads to court

Coronation Street Yasmeen
Coronation Street's Yasmeen heads to court

Poor Yasmeen Metcalfe (Shelley King) hit breaking point at the beginning of May when she stabbed villainous abuser Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) in the neck. But, she's going to pay for her actions - unlike Geoff - when she heads to court for her crimes. Granddaughter Alya says it's a "nightmare" and honestly, it is. How will she prove her innocence?

Geoff turns the tables

Coronation Street Geoff
Coronation Street's Geoff blames Yasmeen entirely

Nasty Geoff isn't going to help his wife get out of this one - while lying in hospital recovering from his injuries, he screams about how Yasmeen tried to kill him. While we all know how untrue that is, it definitely doesn't look good for Yasmeen.

Asha's woes continue

Coronation Street Asha
Coronation Street's Asha finds help

Following the leak of her intimate pictures, Asha Alahan (Tanisha Gorey) has been a shell of herself. And it seems like her woes won't be ending anytime soon as she can be seen in the trailer confronted with a group of teenage boys, probably about to wind her up. It looks like one resident in particular has had enough and makes a stand... but who will Asha's ally be? And will she ever be free of her torment?

Shona returns

Coronation Street Shona
Coronation Street's Shona returns

Shona Ramsey (Julia Goulding) is finally making her way back to the cobbles following her stint in hospital for memory loss - and it couldn't come soon enough. She's back right when David needs her the most, but can she offer any help now they're separated?

Leanne and Nick get devastating news

Coronation Street Leanne and Nick
Coronation Street's Leanne and Nick look worried

Little Oliver has been in and out of hospital in recent weeks but it's not been known why. Leanne and Nick have been beside themselves with worry but it seems there's going to be more heartbreak on the horizon as the pair can be seen sharing a worried look in one shot in the trailer. But why?

Gemma comes to terms with her condition

Coronation Street Gemma and Chesney
Coronation Street's Gemma and Chesney get a diagnosis

After battling her demons in recent weeks, Gemma will finally get the diagnosis she's been worried about - she has post natal depression. Chesney is of course by her side and hopefully now the world will become a little easier for our Gem.

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Coronation Street Ed
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Coronation Street Evelyn
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