Asha Alahan (Tanisha Gorey) made a big mistake during Monday 13th April's Coronation Street instalment when she tried to impress her love interest, Corey.


It all started when Asha wondered if she had competition for her former fling from none other than Amy Barlow.

Tracy sensed there was a bit of tension, and offered her daughter an offer she couldn't refuse - a parent-free night at home with her friends and some pizza.

Amy insisted she didn't like him, but it seemed her heart was a-flutter when she ran into him at the chip shop.

Quick to take her mother's offer up, Amy invited Corey around to the flat - along with some of her girl friends too.

Coy Corey played his cards close to his chest, but when push came to shove, he agreed to go to the gathering.

But later on, he FaceTimed Asha and put the charm on thick with her.

Pretty much saying everything a teenage girl would want to hear, Asha was smitten with him.

But things took a darker turn when he told her all the boys at school think she's attractive, before asking to see her body.

Asha seemed wary at first, but after Corey said it would make him happy, she obliged.

coronation street

Putting her phone down on her desk, Asha began to remove her clothes.

We know in the coming episode, that action will come to haunt her as the photos emerge on the internet.

Right now, the mysterious leaker is being kept under tight wraps, but there's plenty of people who would surely be out for revenge.

What's more, this is the start of a huge storyline for Asha, and Coronation Street have been working with the NSPCC on it.

Senior policy officer with the charity, Alana Ryan, said of Coronation Street's storyline: “We know that a third of all child sexual abuse is perpetrated by peers and this includes non-contact offences, such as the taking and sharing of sexual images without consent."

She added to Manchester Evening News: “When working with the team at Coronation Street, we really wanted to ensure young viewers understood that taking and sharing photos without permission is never acceptable.

“We also hoped to use the script to highlight how we all have a shared responsibility to support someone who has been the victim of non-consensual sexual image sharing.”


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