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Coronation Street reveals Geoff's fate after Yasmeen attack

Fallout of the fracas rocked the cobbles

coronation street yasmeen metcalfe
Published: Monday, 4th May 2020 at 7:58 pm

Coronation Street's Yasmeen Metcalfe believed she had murdered her abusive husband Geoff Metcalfe in a frenzied attack as months of coercive control took their toll, but the immediate aftermath of the showdown revealed Geoff had survived being stabbed in the neck and his wife is now being questioned by the police.


Monday 4th May picked up the action directly from last Friday's shocking episode that climaxed in Yasmeen smashing Geoff over the head with a bottle then slitting his throat, convinced she was in danger from his vicious verbal tirade.

Telling the 999 operator she had killed her husband, police and paramedics descended on the house and declared Geoff was still alive. As he was rushed to hospital, shellshocked Yasmeen was arrested on suspicion of assault then taken in for questioning with local lawyer Imran Habeeb representing her.

While Geoff is still breathing his condition remains serious, and Imran warned his terrified client to think carefully before answering the cops' questions - if her other half does die then Mrs Metcalfe may face a murder charge.

Later this week, Alya Nazir returns from her brother's wedding abroad to find her grandmother accused of a terrible crime, and tries to convince the street's residents Geoff has been abusing Yas for months but sneakily managed to cover his tracks. Who will the locals - and the authorities - believe?

yasmeen geoff on floor

The storyline has been simmering slowly for the best part of a year, and viewers have seen cruel Geoff gradually tighten his grip on his spouse by chipping away at her self-esteem, isolating her from friends and family and controlling her every move to effectively make her a prisoner in her own home.

Starved of food and suffering from an STI spread by her unfaithful husband as a result of him sleeping with paid escorts, by Friday's uncomfortable showdown Yasmeen's state of mind had deteriorated to the point where she thought the knife Geoff was holding to cut some bread was intended to be used as a weapon, causing her to lash out.

coronation street yasmeen imran

"Yasmeen was not thinking by that stage," said King in an exclusive interview with "She hadn't eaten for three days, was suffering from chlamydia and was so confused. Her perspective was skewed - the knife was the main focus in her eyeline and she's like a rat in a corner - she reacted and it happened.

"Then remorse, confusion and shock follow…"

The story continues on Wednesday and Friday when all eyes will be on Geoff's recovery. Will he regain consciousness? If he does, what will his version of events be? And what does the future hold for fragile, scared Yasmeen after finally fighting back?


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