ITV will air Coronation Street tonight (Monday 12th September) as it catches up following schedule changes last week.


The soap was absent from Friday 9th September's schedules following the sad news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II, as the channel has prioritised coverage dedicated to paying tribute to the country's longest-reigning Monarch, as well as the proclamation of King Charles III.

Coronation Street is set to air tonight at 8pm, after the previous episode was shown on Wednesday (September 7th) evening.

Viewers saw young footballer James Bailey (Nathan Graham) collapse as his heart stopped during a charity match for the Rovers. James's brother Michael (Ryan Russell) saved his life by giving him CPR at the scene.

Meanwhile, their mother Aggie (Lorna Laidlaw) was busy chatting to a troubled Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine), causing her to be absent when her family needed her the most. Aggie eventually made it to the hospital, feeling awful for being so distracted. Doctors were still unsure what had caused James's medical emergency, and he was upset to learn that he may have to give up his dream career.

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As the soap continues, James will be told he has a condition called cardiomyopathy and he now needs an operation to prevent further cardiac arrests. Aggie breaks down, worried sick about her son. Will James be okay?

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Elsewhere, Toyah Habeeb (Georgia Taylor) was left furious with Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock) when he revealed he is married. She has continued to associate with extreme activist Griff in the meantime, but tonight Toyah will be confronted once again by Saira Habeeb (Kim Vithana) over her role in the death of late husband Imran (Charlie de Melo).

When Griff intervenes and suggests they take revenge on Saira over her accusations, Spider arrives, worried for Toyah. As Spider and Toyah talk, Spider explains that his marriage is over. The pair will share a kiss as they agree to a secret relationship, only to be spotted by a furious Saira. And with Toyah's murder trial looming, this can only spell trouble.

Coronation Street airs at 8pm tonight, and we'll keep you updated as ITV confirms its schedules throughout the week.


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