Casualty is among the many television programmes being disrupted by the BBC's coverage of this year's European Championship.


Broadcasting of Italy taking on Albania in Euro 2024 Group B will be aired live on BBC One from 7:20pm on Saturday 15th June, meaning Casualty has found itself displaced in the schedule - and will instead air on a different channel.

The long-standing medical drama is one of multiple series that has moved around in the schedules, including the likes of EastEnders on BBC One, and Coronation Street and Emmerdale on ITV1.

With the amount of changes to the schedules, it is certainly hard to keep up as the football competition gets into full swing.

Read on for all the details as to why Casualty won't be airing on BBC One this weekend, and where you can watch it instead.

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Why isn't Casualty on this BBC One Saturday 15th June 2024?

Casualty will no longer be airing on BBC One on Saturday 15th June due to its coverage of Euro 2024.

Instead, the first episode of its new Storm Damage box set will air on BBC Two at 8:20pm on Saturday 15th June.

In the first episode, there is a red weather warning as a storm threatens Colby and a tragedy forces Cam to make a tough decision.

Meanwhile, Stevie makes an unexpected connection and Tariq is determined to help a vulnerable Rash.

Four Casualty cast members in scrubs and medical uniform, surrounded by a storm, looking scared.

The next episode will return back to its usual BBC One spot on Saturday 22nd June, airing at 8:35pm that evening.

The new box set is set to be an interesting one, with Barney Walsh's Cam set to take centre stage. Walsh told What to Watch it is "really exciting" to be under the spotlight in Storm Damage.

"So far, there's been a lot of light relief with Cam – either he's losing blood results or getting yelled at. He even lost a dead body in his first episode!

"To lead one of the storylines in the new box set and to explore the reasons why he's like this is an absolute honour for me."

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Casualty is available to watch on BBC iPlayer.


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