X-Men spin-off TV series The Gifted gets a full run and a new trailer

X-citing stuff


If Dan Stevens’ Legion wasn’t enough X-Men-adjacent TV for you, then we’ve got some good news – fellow mutant-themed show The Gifted has been commissioned by Fox for a full series, with the US network also releasing a teaser trailer for the downbeat superhero series (not to be confused with upcoming Chris Evans movie Gifted).


Starring True Blood’s Stephen Moyer and Angel’s Amy Acker and created by Matt Nix, the series follows two parents who discover their children have superpowers, with the family going on the run to find an underground network of mutants as they’re hunted by the government.

And the new trailer shows the kids (Natalie Alyn Lind and Percy Hynes) trying out some of those powers on a motel vending machine, with some eventually explosive results.

We also see some fellow mutants, police chases and other exciting action, more of which will be revealed in a full trailer released on 15th May, and frankly we can’t wait for the full series.

For die-hard X-Men fans in particular there are a few things to look forward to, with movie franchise director Bryan Singer taking the wheel for the first episode and classic comic-book characters Polaris, Thunderbird and Blink finally making it to screen, as played by actors Emma Dumont, Blair Redford and Jamie Chung respectively.

Oh, and apparently there’s going to be a Stan Lee cameo in the pilot, because what Marvel superhero property would be complete without one? We can probably assume he’s on the job for The Watchers again…


The Gifted will air in late 2017-early 2018