Outlander executive producer Ronald D Moore has teased an extra-long reunion episode for Claire and Jamie when the pair finally reunite in season three.


Caitriona Balfe’s 1940s nurse and Sam Heughan’s 1740s highlander were torn apart at the end of season two, when Claire returned to the 20th century via the standing stones for the sake of their unborn child.

That season finale was 90 minutes long (as opposed to typical run times of around 60 minutes), and Moore suggests that fans might well expect something similar when it comes to their much-hyped print shop reunion.

“The Claire/Jamie reunion episode is a very special one,” Moore told RadioTimes.com. “I think you’re going to get an extra-sized reunion episode.”

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It's not clear when the reunion will take place in the 13-episode run, so was Moore at all worried about how fans would react to his lead characters spending time apart on screen?

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“It didn’t worry me at all. I felt confident that that love is what makes it work,” Moore said.

“The fact that you’re dying to put them back together is a good thing, and keeping them part and having the audience constantly like ‘Oh my God when are they getting back together?’ is just rooting interest and compels them to watch the next one”, he added.

Well, that certainly seems to be the sentiment among fans, who are very happy indeed that the Droughtlander is finally over.

And Moore's confident that the fun has only just begun.

"I feel very good about the season. I think it’s a really strong season; in some ways it might be our strongest season," he said.

"The book was a much easier one to adapt than the second one was; in terms of story and structure the second book was really complicated. This one had a cleaner narrative structure to it, but it was also a really unique journey. Covering these 20 years that Jamie and Claire spent apart is fascinating, separating your two main characters for big chunks of the show, then leaving Scotland and going to sea and ending up in the Caribbean – it’s a big, epic tale."


New episodes of Outlander season 3 will stream every Monday on Amazon Prime Video in the UK