Warning: Spoilers for The Mandalorian season 3 episode 2 ahead.


After a long, long wait, season 3 of The Mandalorian has finally taken us to Mandalore and there were tons of surprises in store.

The latest episode of the Disney Plus series saw Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) become the star of the show, as she rescued Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Grogu from numerous sticky situations, as well as once again wielding the Darksaber that was once rightfully hers.

As someone who once ruled Mandalore, she was also left heartbroken by the state of the planet. Although the air was breathable, and the planet didn't quite seem to be "cursed" as many feared, it was left in ruins after the Great Purge.

But, throughout the episode, we see remnants of the old Mandalore, including helmets that have stayed intact from those who once lived there, and even surviving Alamites, leading Bo-Katan to wonder what else could have survived. What indeed.

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The shock ending to the episode saw the reveal that the Mythosaur, a legendary creature thought to have been ridden by the ancient Mandalorians, is real and alive, and not extinct as many thought.

As Bo-Katan rescues Djarin from the depths of the Living Waters, she comes face to face with the gigantic creature.

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Fans were absolutely stunned, with one tweeting: "THEY GOT A WHOLE LIVING AND BREATHING MYTHOSAUR UP IN HERE" while another added: "OH MY GOD WE GOT TO SEE THE MYTHOSAUR !!!!"

What is a Mythosaur? The Mandalorian episode 2 ending explained

Mythosaurs were gigantic creatures thought to have been tamed and ridden by the ancient Mandalorians.

They were meaningful creatures for the Mandalorians and images of the creatures' skulls were used as part of Mandalorian iconography, including on their armour.

However, they were believed to have gone extinct years ago.

During season 3 episode 2, Bo-Katan reads the history of the Living Mines to Djarin, including the folklore of the Mythosaur.

She says: "These mines date back to the age of the first Mandalore. According to ancient folklore, the mines were once a Mythosaur lair. Mandalore the Great is said to have tamed the mythical beast. It is from these legends that the skull signet was adopted and became the symbol of our planet."

What does the Mythosaur mean for Mandalore?

Din Djarin arrives in a Mandalorian fortress in The Mandalorian season 3.
Din Djarin arrives in a Mandalorian fortress in The Mandalorian season 3. Disney+

The survival of the Mythosaur could mean a few different things for the future of Mandalore - although all of these are just theories at this point.

During her conversation with Djarin, Bo-Katan calls for the unification of the surviving Mandalorians. Could the Mythosaur be a symbol of the planet rebuilding in the future, perhaps with Bo-Katan once again as its leader? It could surely serve as a redemption arc for the former leader after the terrors of the Great Purge.

On that note, some have wondered whether the Mythosaur sensed the presence of the "true ruler" of Mandalore.

The biggest theory at the moment though, is a simple prediction that we're going to see Grogu manage to tame the Mythosaur and allow Djarin to ride it as the ancient Mandalorians did. Whether that would relate to any larger meaning for Mandalore remains to be seen, but it certainly would be very cool.

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