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Meet the cast of Lost in Space on Netflix

Everything you need to know about the new Robinson family

Published: Tuesday, 17th April 2018 at 3:31 pm

Netflix has brought 1960s sci-fi show Lost in Space back from the dead with a new 10-episode series.


Set 30 years in the future, the show is a "dramatic and modern re-imagining" of the original, following the adventures of the Robinson family after they have been sent on a mission to colonise new worlds.

The real fun begins when their ship is knocked drastically off course, causing them to crash land on an alien planet. But who is playing the central family? Find out everything you need to know about the Robinsons and co below.

Toby Stephens - John Robinson

Toby Stephens & Molly Parker

Who does he play? The estranged father and husband, a seasoned combat veteran, leads his family's expedition. He and his wife Maureen draw together when the spaceship crash lands on an unknown planet, but their relationship is not in good shape.

Where have I seen him before? Toby Stephens is best known for his role as Gustav Graves in Pierce Brosnan's final Bond film Die Another Day. He has also appeared in Michael Bay thriller 13 hours, and Clint Eastwood's Space Cowboys. On TV meanwhile he's appeared in pirate series Black Sails, shown on Amazon Prime Video in the UK.

Molly Parker - Maureen Robinson

Who does she play? The matriarch of the Robinson family: an aerospace engineer who makes the decision to bring her family into space. She is tasked with engineering a way off the strange planet.

Where have I seen her before? Molly Parker will be well known to Netflix subscribers having starred as Jackie Sharp in House of Cards. She also appeared as Alma Garret in western series Deadwood back the mid-noughties.

Taylor Russell - Judy Robinson

Taylor Russell & Mina Sundwall

Who does she play? The oldest of the three Robinson children - Maureen's biracial daughter form her first marriage. She never knew her father, and has been adopted by John as his own, though she resents him for his breakup with Maureen.

Where have I seen her before? Taylor Russell has appeared in YA drama Before I Fall and sci-fi TV series Falling Skies, alongside ER's Noah Wyle.

Mina Sundwall - Penny Robinson 

Who does she play? The middle child in the family. She is the most reluctant to leave their home on earth.

Where have I seen her before? In 2015 Mina Sundwall shared the screen with Greta Gerwig in mumblecore hit Maggie's Plan, and also had a minor role alongside Julianne Moore, Ellen Page and Michael Shannon in Freeheld.

Maxwell Jenkins - Will Robinson

Who does he play? The youngest. He is creative, and empathetic, and the smallest, weakest member of the family, and he suffers from panic attacks. He didn't have many friends on Earth, and was happiest of all to make the big move into the unknown.

Where have I seen him before? At just 12 years old, Maxwell Jenkins already has an impressive amount of screen time behind him. He starred as young Will in Netflix's cult hit Sense8, and also featured alongside Hannah Ware (sister of pop singer Jessie) in US drama series Betrayal.

Parker Posey - Dr Smith

Who does she play? A mysterious stowaway who joins the Robinsons on their journey. She is at once compelling, charismatic and treacherous - and appears unnervingly calm during the disaster that results in everyone becoming lost in space.

Where have I seen her before? Parker Posey made her name with breakout roles in Saturday Night Live spin-off film Coneheads and Richard Linklater classic Dazed and Confused in the early 1990s. Her notable TV work includes guest stints on Boston Legal, The Good Wife, Louie and Parks and Recreation. She is also known for roles in Scream 3, Superman Returns, Blade: Trinity and Basquiat.

Ignacio Serricchio - Don West

Who does he play? A blue-collar contract worker who goes along on the expedition to help establish the new colony. A reluctant participant in the first place, he has to learn how to forge new alliances and live with "the elites".

Where have I seen him before? Serrichio starred as Rodolfo Fuentes in crime procedural Bones.


Lost in Space is streaming on Netflix UK now


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